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COUPLE COMMUNICATION (CC) I teaches you and your partner practical skills for communicating more effectively and collaboratively about important issues in your lives. Course offered in group or privately by certified instructors. Receive a couple-packet of practical tools to speed...
Love Thinks - John Van Epp
Love Thinks is all about relationships. Our mission since 1996 has been to develop engaging, entertaining, informative resources for personal growth and the development and maintenance of healthy relationships. Our evidence-based, evaluated programs include PICK, aka How to avoid...
Marriage Matters Jackson (Michigan)
Marriage Matters Jackson provides resources, education and events which promote, prepare and preserve healthy marriages. Services include: public and private workshops and classes for dating, engaged and married people; community Date-Your-Mate Events four times annually; Healthy Marriage...
PREP: The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program: Howard Markman & Scott Stanley
Based on over twenty years of research, PREP teaches marital/premarital couples essential skills: how to communicate effectively, work as a team, solve problems, manage conflict, and preserve and enhance love, commitment and friendship. PREP has extensive experience in training mental health...
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