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Adventure In Intimacy: Hedy & Yumi Schleifer
What if you had a happiness reset button? Hedy and Yumi specialize in 3-day experiential programs for couples and training for professionals in wonderful, exotic destinations. Married over 50 years, they incorporate their own marital wisdom along with Imago Relationship Theory,...
Amores Retreat: Bringing Couples Closer Together
Providing couples in any phase of relationship and marriage a meaningful step-by-step romantic "Couple's Intensive Retreat". You will delight in a "vacation for your relationship" in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, CA, a peaceful paradise where you will...
Hold Me Tight for Therapists & Their Partners
A weekend workshop for Therapists and their partners.  Strengthen your relationship as you experience Emotionally Focused Therapy in this internationally recognized workshop that provides instruction on the components of relationship success: how to increase loving engagement;...
Hold Me Tight Weekend Couples Workshop in South Florida
This highly-acclaimed, internationally recognized workshop is based on the book Hold Me Tight and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) by Dr Sue Johnson.  HMT provides instruction on the necessary components of relationship success by teaching couples how to deal...
Rita DeMaria - Find a class in Philadelphia
Rita DeMaria, known as The Marriage Doctor, is an experienced therapist who specializes in working with individuals and couples who are struggling with relationship, marital and sexual issues. A primary focus in her practice is working with couples at the "brink...
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