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10 Great Dates & Second Half: Marriage Alive Programs, David & Claudia Arp
Video, skills and research-based, easy-to-teach, no-training-required, guy-friendly! In these innovative programs, couples come for fun dates and leave with marriage skills! Programs for the engaged through empty nest include: the classic, award-winning 10 Great Dates; Great Dates...
Family Wellness Associates
Family Wellness Associates offers unique skills-based programs thatstrengthen and empower individuals, couples, parents, and families. Educators, ministers, laity, mental health professionals, and community leaders can train to present these highly interactive programs that have reached over a...
Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations for Building Strong Marriages: Ed Gray
A breakthrough, innovative, proactive program that brings marriage mentoring into the lives of everyday couples who have much to learn from one another. It is elegantly simple – and powerful for building communities and churches that value marriage. Guided yet informal conversations allow...
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