In fact, successful couples have the same number of
disagreements as couples who divorce.
Even more interesting, research shows that all couples disagree about the same
basic issues - money, kids, sex, housework, in-laws, and time.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful
couples is how they handle these differences.

Successful couples disagree in a way that
makes their relationship stronger.
They also have other skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help
them build and maintain happiness and satisfaction.

The good news is that anyone can
learn to do it – (marriage) – better and smarter.
Couples can un-learn the behaviors that destroy
love and replace them with behaviors
that keep their love alive.

Learning what to expect in marriage as you go through the
different stages is an important first step.  Then learning
the skills to manage the predictable challenges (differences) along the way,
will give you confidence and a "can do" attitude – success breeds more success;
you'll build marriage muscles.

The other good news is that you can learn all this in simple and affordable Marriage Education classes.
It's also good news that there are many different courses - many
different programs and classes from which to choose. Sample and shop till you find those that work best for you.

The average class is 2 days, but there are 4 hour classes, one-day classes,
weekend classes, classes that meet one night a week for six or eight weeks, marriage retreats, etc., etc.  

There are both secular and faith-based programs.

There are courses for couples at any stage:
• dating
• engaged
• cohabiting
• married - newlyweds or long-married empty nesters
• new parents or parents of adolescents
• empty-nesters
• stepfamilies
• couples on the brink of breaking up or divorcing including couples who have separated

Research shows that all couples need the same basic information and the same basic skills –
couples can use the tools to build a good relationship from the ground up as newlyweds;
to make a good relationship even better; or to rebuild a marriage or relationship
that's seriously in need of repair – that feels like it's 'all out of love'.

It turns out you CAN learn how to get the feeling back.......and keep love alive.

See the Directory of Programs for a listing of the many
different courses and find one near you - or take a marriage vacation and spend
a weekend out-of-town learning to become masters of marriage.

Give a course – classes make the best wedding, anniversary, retirement, or new baby gifts – a
gift that will keep on giving.

Visit the Articles page or listen to CDs, MP3 downloads, or watch DVDs to help
you to learn about this new approach that is not counseling or therapy – it's "driver's education" for marriage.

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