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First Things First of Greater Richmond seeks Executive Director

FTF seeks a new executive director who is passionate about our mission -
"strengthening families for a better community." Candidates should share our
commitment to strengthening marriage, increasing fathers' involvement with
their children, and preparing our youth for healthy relationships.
Candidates should have experience in leading successful fund development
efforts, in building a staff and volunteer teams, in presenting to groups of
any size and in implementing strategic plans.

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Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to  Name and city/state in subject


Director, Boone Center for the Family

Pepperdine University is a nationally recognized, independent, private Christian university affiliated with the Churches of Christ. The University is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and Christian values, where students are strengthened for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

The University is currently seeking a Director for the Boone Center for the Family.  This position serves to strengthen and promote healthy relationships as we honor God's essential foundation--the family. The Boone Center for the Family aspires: To honor God's Biblical plan and purpose for marriage and intergenerational families; To equip college students with the skills, attitudes, and character that foster healthy, moral relationships leading to strong marriages and families; To partner with universities, faith and urban communities, and humanitarian organizations to promote healthy families; To develop distinctive initiatives that focus specifically on celebrating and strengthening families.

DUTIES: Represent the Boone Center for the Family at both the University and community levels by public speaking; Attract speakers and resources to strengthen established and new programs; Network with university students, clinicians, ministers, organizations, etc. for the purpose of strengthening the family; Integrate psychological and theological principles in academic and lay person settings; Teach graduate and MFT students in current, applied techniques in psychotherapy while integrating Christian faith with therapy techniques; Expand the influence of the Boone Center for the Family; Responsible for hiring and training new staff; Oversee and manage departmental budgets; Uphold the University mission through work performed; Other duties as assigned. 

SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed, or licensed eligible, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, Professional Clinical counselor or Clinical Social Worker in the State of California, with significant experience required; PysD or PhD in psychology (or PhD in marriage and family therapy) required; Graduate degree in Theology or Religion preferred; Active and current in personal scholarship development; Experienced as a respected and effective teacher and speaker; Demonstrated experience as a team leader, budget manager, and as one who can empower and encourage staff and colleagues; Ability to integrate psychological and theological principles in academic and lay-person settings; Commitment to live out his/her faith and well known for this personal characteristic; Must embrace the mission and aspirations of the Boone Center for the Family; Able and experienced in teaching graduate and MFT students in current, applied techniques in psychotherapy; Demonstrated ability to integrate Christian faith with therapy techniques in presentations to faith and other community groups, and in other relevant settings; Experience and interest in teaching/mentoring others; A strong desire to network clinicians, ministers, and organizations for the purpose of strengthening the family; Experience in attracting speakers and resources to strengthen established and new programs; An apparent desire to expand the influence of the Boone Center for the future; Possess the conviction and confidence to pursue financial support for current programs and the permanent endowment of the Boone Center; Qualified individuals should be able to articulate a strong commitment to diversity, and have the ability to work effectively with individuals from different backgrounds.  EOE.

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Career Opportunity - Marriage Education Liaison to Catholic Dioceses in

Background:  In 2006, the California Healthy Marriages Coalition (CHMC)
received a 5-year $2.4 million per year grant to make Marriage Education
programs readily available throughout the state. We do this by working with
existing coalitions and networks of Faith Based and Community Based
Organizations (FBCBOs).  Of the 37 million people living in California, 29%
are Catholics, making the 12 Catholic dioceses the largest, most strategic,
and cost-effective networks of organizations for us to be working with as we
execute our state-wide community saturation model for Marriage Education. 
We are currently funding successful projects in six of the twelve dioceses
and we believe that if we assign the “right person” to this project, he or
she will be able to increase the impact that those six projects already have
as well as replicate the most successful of those projects across the
remaining six dioceses.  To put the size of the “California Catholic
opportunity” in perspective, the nearly 11 million Catholics living in
California outnumber the population of 43 of the 50 states within the United

Compensation includes generous benefits package plus salary of between
$60,000 to $80,000 per year, depending upon experience and number of hours worked each

We would like to hire a top-notch full-time person to:

   - Coordinate and provide technical assistance/coaching to the six
   projects we currently have within the Catholic dioceses, in order
   to increase the impact of those projects;
   - Reach out to the other six California Catholic dioceses to replicate
   the successful models which have been developed in our current six projects.

We would only want to hire a top notch “A-level player” for this position.  If we can’t find someone like that, we won't hire.

The characteristics of the person we are looking for are as follows:

   - Well-versed in Catholic theology and teachings about marriage;
   - Passionate about marriage – and about implementing highly effective
   Marriage Education Ministries into the Catholic church as directed by the
   Bishops of the USCCB in their National Pastoral Initiative on Marriage;
   - Able to develop, recognize, and replicate successful models – so that
   the successful work performed in any one diocese can be easily replicated
   across the other dioceses within California and potentially across the
   United States;
   - Able to establish rapport and credibility with all levels of Catholic
   hierarchy, including Bishops, diocesan personnel, priests, deacons and lay people;
   - Understand the inner workings of dioceses and parishes;
   - Must be willing to live in California (anywhere they want within the state);
   - Self-confident enough to take on the most strategically important and
   highly impactful position in the entire California Marriage Education
   - Must be a hard working, self-directed, individual who is highly
   motivated to use their talents and work-life to make as large as possible  a difference in the world.

We think that the person we will hire is likely to be a current or former
diocesan Director of the Office of Family Life from somewhere in the
country, although that is not a firm requirement for this position.

The successful candidate will report directly to the President of CHMC,
Dennis Stoica.  Interested candidates should email their resumes to


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