Attend the 13th Annual Smart Marriages conference
July 8-11, 2009 at the Shingle Creek Hotel.
Journalists on assignment are admitted to all sessions and attend
as guests of the Coalition.

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Smart Marriages – 200 top relationship experts, on your doorstep!

July 6 – 13, 2010 at the Orlando Shingle Creek Hotel


What’s the optimal age to Marry?

And, how do you Avoid Falling for a Jerk?


Can we get smarter about sex? Increase our Erotic Intelligence? Maybe that would keep us off the Appalachian Tail? (Esther Perel author of Mating in Captivity)


The Boomers are coming – Venus is on Fire and Mars on Ice. (Just ask Tipper and Al.) John Gray offers the latest research on how to smooth/soothe the way and to keep marriages from unraveling just when the research shows they should be hitting the sweet spot.


Gary Chapman teaches the Five Love Languages – for use at any age.  Newlyweds can get a head start and save a lot of useless roses and trinkets, frustration, pain and suffering.


Love in the Time of Twitter – social media is changing marriage and relationships. Including a porn explosion. What to do about it. Plus the Krafsky’s new book Face Book and Your Marriage – the do’s and don’ts.

Infidelity?  How to prevent it, OR, if the horse is out of the barn, how to recover. The Sexy Brain; Marital Sex as it Ought To Be; Couples’ Sexual Styles; Blending Meaning and Sex; Sex for Married Men; Close Calls; BEYOND Affairs and the Four Axis of Infidelity.  


Can Comedy Help? Find out in The Marriage Comedy Club. You’ve seen them on Leno and Letterman….they’ll turn their special perspective to what ails us.


Bill Doherty will lead us through the new Becoming Better Husbands program – lessons from the trenches any man can apply to his own marriage.

How low can we go?  What’s the lowest Marriage Education dose that works? The research done at FSU is such good news that it will receive the 2010 Smart Marriages Impact Award – new hope for reaching the plugged-in generation!


Daddy’s home to stay. 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated. When released, more than half of parolees are back in jail within three years. An award-winning, highly affordable marriage-education program cuts recidivism by 63% saving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax money.


That’s just for starters.  200 presenters including many you’ve seen on Oprah: Harville Hendrix of Getting the Love You Want/Imago; Michele Weiner Davis – Divorce Busting Secrets; John Covey – 8 Habits of Highly Successful Marriages; Steven Stosny – Emotional Abuse Boot Camp; The Gottman Method.  Conference is for mental health professionals or lay folks who want to be come certified as Marriage Educators. The public – couples and singles – attend to get smarter about their own relationships.  Attendees from across the country and around the world.

Film Festival Wed – Sun; Special Singles ONLY seminar The Secrets of Great RelationshipsThurs night; Sun afternoon Seminars just for the public $15; 100 Exhibits – free admission, browse and register for door prizes.

Stories to last you all year.


July 6 – 13, 2010 Conference at the Shingle Creek Hotel, 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, 32819

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