"The way the conference is set up, I can only take one pre-conference and one post-conference training.
I need more! Please add training sessions DURING the conference."

In response to many requests like this, we've added a "Mini training" or "TOOB" and "FOOB" formats.
These sessions are scheduled during the three-day conference on Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

Programs presented in the pre- and post-conference Institutes require one to three days for in-person, face-to-face training and certification of instructors.

TOOB (Teach Out Of the Box) and FOOB (Free Online Out of the Box) programs, do not require in-person training (the training is on DVDs "in the box" or in the free materials to be downloaded off the internet) so can be offered as 90-min workshops.

To provide the best of both worlds, the Smart Marriages® conference will continue to offer the full menu of pre- and post- conference Training Institutes and will also offer a full selection of TOOB workshops. This will allow you to return home equipped to teach the maximum number of programs.

Obviously, you can simply purchase the "teach-right-out-of-the-box" TOOB programs and begin
offering them (without taking a workshop) - start teaching classes, retreats, or use the materials in your setting.

HOWEVER, the TOOB workshops provide the opportunity to spend 90 mins with
the program creators who will offer a sample of the course content, provide instructor guidelines,
and share their vision about how to most effectively market and teach the program.
They will also offer ideas about how to adapt the program for delivery in various settings and for different populations.

TOOB workshop Advantages:
- NO extra pre or post conference time or fees required to take the TOOB workshops.
- Included as part of the regular conference fees and schedule. Each is 90 mins.

The schedule allows you to take up to seven TOOB trainings during the conference!
- Gain familiarity with the programs from the program creator

- NOTE: The workshops are included in the general conference fee, the materials (boxes/kits/workbooks) are NOT included in the conference fee.

You are not required to purchase the programs (the box or kit) to attend the TOOB sessions,
however, you will get more out of the workshop if you have the programs in hand.
In fact, the greatest benefit is in purchasing the program in advance
- BEFORE the conference
- so you have time to
review the content and be prepared to ask
To order the kits, click on the title of each TOOB
session on the list of TOOB courses
Titles are live-linked and will take you to that program's
website. If there is not time to order in advance, you will be able to purchase the
programs on-site at the exhibits or in the sessions. Ditto for the FOOB programs.
You'll benefit more if you download these free programs and study them in advance of attending
the workshop.

Several of the TOOB - teach-out-of-the-box - programs will also be offered in the longer pre and
post conference Institute format to provide even more
guidance about how to best teach these the curricula.

"We love the idea of a TOOB training approach. Actually, we have been doing this for
years - returned from Smartmarriages and implemented various 'teach out of box'
programs like:
10 Great Dates, Second Half of Marriage, How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk, Love
and Sex in the Biblical Marriage, and The Marriage Course. Teaching interpersonal
relationship skills, mentoring, and marriage education are not rocket science (I should
know, I am one). You've hit on a winning format! "mini" trainings will give a great
boost to the 'grass roots' level of involvement in marriage education."
Dick & Carol Cronk
Lay Directors, Christian Life Center Marriage Builders Ministry, Dayton, OH

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