PREP is offering this two-day training in Within Our Reach 8 Hours (WOR8) for relationship educators who want to make a difference in couples' lives. This two day training at Smart Marriages
qualifies you to teach WOR8.
   It also qualifies you to purchase and teach PREP’s curricula for relationships (non-romantic) among co-workers, Winning the Workplace Challenge. 

Within Our Reach 8 Hours is structured, yet flexible and couple-centered.  WOR8 is based on Within Our Reach, which was originally designed for relationship education with lower income couples.  We have found that WOR is a terrific model for all couples, with it’s highly engaging teaching style.  Supporting multiple learning styles, couples learn through activities and skills practice, as well as tightly presented lessons. Click here for a comprehensive overview of the WOR8 program.

Within Our Reach 8 Hour 2 Day Instructor Training-Post Conference Training Institute Covers:

  • Emotional safety, physical safety, commitment safety and security
  • Strategies for helping couples maintain friendship, fun and intimacy
  • Communication
  • Conflict and Communication Danger Signs, and effects of conflict on children
  • Stress: effects, sources, and how to cope and support one another
  • Deeper themes that affect relationships: acceptance, respect, commitment, etc.
  • Personality differences (with personality assessment) and childhood experiences that affect the couple relationship
  • Commitment: decisions and priorities; including strategies for strengthening clarity of commitment

Participants will receive the core materials needed to teach the program. (the WOR8 Leader Manual, Participant Manual, Resource CD, Personality Tool, the book Fighting for Your Marriage, etc…) Other essential materials such as the PowerPoint and Videos are not included in the institute fee and must be purchased separately.  The Winning the Workplace Challenge materials are also not included but can be purchased through the PREP website

For information about PREP RESOURCES
visit: or call 800-366-0166

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

Register for the Institute and the Conference: Click for Information on Conference Details, to download a conference brochure, REGISTER ONLINE, hotel & travel information & discounts, etc.


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