Impact Award Recipients 2001 - 2010

For Immediate Release
Contact: Diane Sollee 202-966-5376

The most creative minds tackling the marriage conundrum. The
Impact Awards are presented to those whose research, books,
political or grassroots action, leadership and brilliant reconceptualizations
have given us new hope about reversing the epidemic of divorce and family breakdown.

2010 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
To be presented at the 14th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Orlando, Florida, July 8 - 11, 2010

Frank Fincham, PhD
Computer-Based, Low-Dose Intervention targeting young adults

Miriam Grossman, MD
Amanda's 39th Birthday
Dr Grossman is unable to make it to the conference.
Please see her presentation on BookTV

Patty Howell, EdD
Heathy Marriage Series

Ron & Cathy Tijerina
Keeping FAITH (Families And Inmates Together in Harmony)

2009 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 13th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Orlando, Florida, July 8 - 11, 2009

For inspiring couples around the world to Fireproof their own marriages;
for inspiring churches to build marriage ministries that will leave no couple,
family, or child behind; and, for teaching the Marriage Movement a powerful
new truth, that if you film it – and film it brilliantly - they will come.
Barry McCarthy
For a lifetime of work that has empowered couples to develop their own
Sexual Styles and to create, maintain, and celebrate Marital Sex As It Ought To Be.

Syble Solomon
For Money Habitudes a simple little deck of cards that cracks the code and
proves that if a couple can learn how to talk about money – with insight,
understanding, and love - they can talk about, and do, anything

2008 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 12th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
San Francisco, July 2 - 5, 2008
Smart Marriages Impact Award

John Van Epp, PhD
For your pioneering work in reaching our most important target
– the next marrying generation – and for your RAM model and
the programs that help us teach them how to Pick a Partner, Avoid Jerks,
and stay LINKED, arm-in-arm, oar-to-oar, into the future.

Dennis Stoica, MBA
For your creative and generous genius and your inspiring and
visionary leadership that has blazed the path and set the standard
for all of us to follow in our quest to establish a strong and stable
marriage culture – and, yes, to change the world.

Gary Chapman, PhD
For giving all couples everywhere, and those of us that help them,
the wonderful power – and peace – of being able to understand and
speak each other’s Love Languages.

Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD
For IMAGO – the model that gives us the miracle of finding who we
are meant to be – reflected through the mirror of our lover’s soul.
And for your dedicated, generous, creative, pioneering work in making
the process and tools ever more accessible to all couples, everywhere.

Beyond Affairs Network (BAN)
To the program that protects the flame of marriage through the
darkest, coldest, most storm-ravaged nights –and through the
wisdom and generosity of those that have been there and made
it back –  provides the shelter, comfort, and support that allows
couples not only to heal, but to grow even stronger in the broken places.

2007 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 11th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Denver, Colorado, June 28 - July 1, 2007

Willard Harley, Jr, PhD - For your pioneering body of work that very
early on established that His Needs and Her Needs are, indeed,
different. And for creating the Marriage Builders model with its
key and crucial concept of Enthusiastic Joint Agreement to help
us help couples “be in love and be great together!”

Kay Hymowitz - for Marriage and Caste In America which sounds
the alarm and lays out the realities of the growing Marriage Gap
with such compelling clarity that we can never again say we didn't know.

Nicky & Sila Lee - For The Marriage Course - the brilliant, affordable,
video-based, teach-out-of-the-box program that transforms marriages
– and with its dinner date format – draws couples in “like magic”.

Nisa Muhammad - For your genius and vision in founding Black Marriage Day
and for your passion, inspirational leadership, bravery, and determination
that has, in a few short years, turned it into a national institution that has
forever changed marriage in America.

Kay Reed - For your tenacious conviction that “We Have to Start
with the Kids” and for your creative, joyful, and inspirational leadership
in establishing and advancing the School/Youth Marriage Education Movement.

2006 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 10th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Atlanta, Georgia June 22 - 25, 2006

Truett Cathy:
For your leadership, vision and determination to
strengthen marriage in American. For the creation and funding of
the national Marriage CoMission and the Winshape Marriage Retreat Center
and for the marriage- and family-friendly policies you've put in
place at Chick-fil-A -- forging a path and leading the way for all the rest to follow.

Bill Coffin, MEd:
To the United States of America’s first ever Special
Assistant for Marriage Education for your far-reaching contributions that will
affect many generations to come. And for making David Mace, Pat, and all the rest
of us so proud.

Diane Sollee, MSW:
We honor and appreciate you as the pre-eminent creator
of the Marriage Education Movement, who popularized marriage education by bringing
together academic, religious, community and therapeutic leaders at your
Smart Marriages Conferences to make marriage a priority.

2005 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 9th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Dallas, Texas June 23 - 26, 2005

George Doub, MDiv: For the Family Wellness Program
which so effectively teaches couples and children -- of all classes and cultures --
the skills to create safe, stable, loving and healthy families.
Retrouvaille: The program that never gives up -- that proves, time and
again, that there is no such thing as a hopeless case. The program built
on the foundation that there is nothing anywhere as strong as couple
power -- as couples helping couples. And, the program that carries the
torch for marriage and, in so doing, serves as a beacon of hope to us all.
Pat Ennis, MSW: For The Third Option, an exemplary and extraordinary
marriage education program that sets the standard for all to follow.
David and Claudia Arp: For 10 Great Dates - the program that opens
the door into the hearts of couples -- so that all the rest can follow.

2004 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 8th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Dallas, Texas July 8 - 11, 2004

Pat Love, EdD: For your great body of work dedicated to helping us understand
- and stand in awe of - the delicate, mysterious and crucial links between
chemistry and passion, love and commitment - for Hot Monogamy and The Truth About Love.
Steven Stosny, PhD: For your radical and revolutionary new approach
to understanding the mystery of abuse. For teaching us how to reach into
the heart of the abuser with Compassion, dust off core value,
and create lasting change for abusers - and those they love.
Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE:
For your leadership, generosity and genius
in teaching us how to put First Things First - and best of all, for making it look easy.
David Olson, PhD:
For your great body of work as a pioneer, researcher,
theorist, author, teacher, mentor and visionary in improving our understanding of how to
PREPARE for, ENRICH - and master - marriage.
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW:
For your inspired leadership in creating and directing
the African American Healthy Marriage Initiative. For your vision, determination - and your vow.
Senator Steve Dille, Minnesota:
In appreciation of your extraordinary
legislative leadership in strengthening marriages
- for your vision, mastery and commitment - and for blazing a trail
for all the rest to follow.
Stan Weed, PhD: For your research on the success of Community Marriage Policies.
They said it couldn’t be done but you went ahead and did it - and, in so doing,
moved the Marriage Movement a giant leap forward.

2003 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards:
Presented at the 7th Annual Smart Marriages Conference
Reno, Nevada June 26-29, 2003

Frank Pittman, MD: To our leader, our compass, our chief, in gratitude for helping us
understand what men and marriage are for - just how much each needs the other -
and, just how much we need them both. For Turning Points, Private Lies, Man Enough, and Grow Up!

Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD: She who maps the territory, sets the course.
Because there’s no way to know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’re at;
our enormous gratitude for your work in charting “The State of Our Unions”
and for leading the charge with The Divorce Culture.
David Popenoe, PhD: He who maps the territory, sets the course.
Because there’s no way to know where you’re going,
if you don’t know where you’re at, our enormous
gratitude for your work in charting “The State of Our Unions”
and for leading the charge with Life Without Father and Promises to Keep.

Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW: For saying what no one else
dares say - out front and first - in a way that suddenly everyone agrees with.
For naming our truths, defining the next stage of the battle,
and for showing us all how - and why - and the sheer joy of being - Divorce Busters.

Bill Doherty, PhD: For your leadership in saying what needs
to be said in a way that it can be heard - and acted upon.
For stamping out neutrality when it comes to the “M-word”.
For getting us fired up with BHAGs and then showing
us how to anchor them solidly in communities
so that they’ll outlive and outlast us and make us all proud.

2002 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards
Presented at the Smart Marriages 6th Annual Conference,
Washington, DC July 11 - 14, 2002.

John Gottman, PhD,
author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail;
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work; The Marriage Clinic;
The Relationship Cure, for a lifetime of research that has cracked the
code and forever changed the way we understand and approach marriage.
For moving marriage from the realm of mystery to mastery.
Wade Horn, PhD, assistant secretary for Children and Families,
Administration for Children and Families, HHS, for visionary leadership in helping
show the world that Marriage Matters.
Bernard Guerney, Jr, PhD, for a lifetime of research, for
creating the Relationship Enhancement Program and for visionary leadership in
blazing a path for so many to follow.
Lori Gordon, PhD, for her pioneering work in
creating the PAIRS Program and for visionary leadership in
blazing a path for so many to follow.
Sherod Miller, PhD, for pioneering work in
creating the Couple Communication Program and for
visionary leadership in blazing a path for so many to follow.

Smart Marriages® Advertising 2002 Impact Awards

Television Commercials

"French Maid"
Young & Rubicam/The Dannon Company

J. Walter Thompson/De Beers Diamond Trading Company

"100 Years/Timeless Values"
DDB Chicago/J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

"Go Between"
DDB Chicago/McDonald's Corporation

"Mano a Mano"
Arnold Worldwide/Volkswagen of America, Inc.

2001 Smart Marriages® Impact Awards
Presented at the 5th annual Smart Marriages Conference

Orlando, Florida • June 21-24, 2001

Judith Wallerstein, PhD, author of the best selling
Unexpected Legacy of Divorce, for a lifetime of intrepid
research that has changed the way the world understands
the lasting effects of divorce on children. Our eyes were
blind, but now can see.

Linda Waite, PhD, author with Maggie Gallagher of
The Case for Marriage, for her body of work which identifies
the benefits of marriage to men, women and children. For giving
us the "why" to go with our "how".

Paul Amato, PhD, author with Alan Booth of Generation At Risk,
whose research has changed the way we understand the
effects of marital conflict on children and who has shored up
the concepts of the "unnecessary divorce" and the "good
enough marriage."

John Gray, PhD, whose Mars and Venus changed the
way men and women view love, relationships and marriage by
normalizing the differences experienced in all marriages and
opening couples to the possibility that they can master the
challenges. Touched a nerve and a need and has sold 20
million MarsVenus books.

Howard Markman, PhD and Scott Stanley, PhD
whose million dollar National Institute of Mental Health project
demonstrates "transportability" - that marriage skills can be taught
cost-effectively by trained lay educators to couples of all classes,
races and cultures and at any stage of relationship in a variety of

Jerry Regier, Oklahoma Secretary of Health and Human Services,
whose leadership in developing and implementing the first state-wide,
multi-sectored Initiative for Marriage has blazed a trail for the rest to follow.

Mike and Harriet McManus, whose Community Marriage Policies,
Marriage Savers Congregations and Mentor Couple Programs have
shown the way to strengthen marriages - couple by couple, congregation
by congregation and community by community.

Smart Marriages® Impact Award Recipients 2001 - 2007

Paul Amato, PhD • 2001
Julie Baumgardner • 2004
David & Claudia Arp, MSW • 2005
Truett Cathy • 2006
Bill Coffin, MEd • 2006
Diann Dawson, JD, MSW • 2004
Sen Steve Dille • 2004
Wiliam Doherty, PhD • 2003
George Doub, MDiv • 2005
Pat Ennis, MSW • 2005
Lori Gordon, PhD • 2002
John Gottman, PhD • 2002
John Gray, PhD • 2001
Bernard Guerney, PhD • 2002
Willard Harley, PhD • 2007

Wade Horn, PhD • 2002
Kay Hymowitz • 2007
Nicky & Sila Lee • 2007

Pat Love, EdD • 2004
Hara Marano, Psychology Today • 2004
Howard Markman, PhD • 2001
Mike & Harriet McManus • 2001
Sherod Miller, PhD • 2002
Nisa Muhammad • 2007
David Olson, PhD • 2004
Karen Peterson, USA Today • 2000

Frank Pittman, MD • 2003
David Popenoe, PhD • 2003
Kay Reed • 2007

Jerry Regier • 2001
Retrouvaille • 2005
Diane Sollee, MSW • 2006
Scott Stanley, PhD • 2001
Steven Stosny, PhD • 2004
John & Emily Visher • 2000
Linda Waite, PhD • 2001
Linda Waite, PhD, & Maggie Gallagher: The Case for Marriage - 2000
Judith Wallerstein, PhD • 2001
Stan Weed, PhD • 2004
Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW • 2003
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, PhD • 2003

Each award recipient presents as part of the Annual Smart Marriages conference.
There will also be presentations by 200 additional marriage experts.

See for a complete program.
Contact us for a press pass or to arrange interviews.

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