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Smart Marriages conference keynote addesses

Papers, Presentations & Reports

Research and Statistics

Legislation and Government Initiatives

Relationship Tips and Guidelines - Are You Smart Enough to Have a Smart Marriage?

Marriage articles in the Popular Press - Helpful information about how to make your marriage or relationship successful.

Marriage: Health and Workplace

Stepfamilies/Children of Divorce

School/Youth Programs

1. Smart Marriages Conference Keynote Addresses - these are transcripts of selected keynotes. For recordings of over 200 keynote sessions click here:

2.Papers, Presentations & Reports: Overview of the Coalition and Marriage Education Paradigm

3. Research and Statistics:

4. Legislation and Government Initiatives:

5. Relationship Guidelines and Tips:

6. More Guides and tips: Marriage Articles in the Popular Press:

7. Marriage Education: Health and Workplace Issues

8. Stepfamilies

9. School and Youth Marriage Education Programs:

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