Dr. Romance, Diane Sollee, MSW, is founder and director of the
Washington, DC-based Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples
Education (CMFCE), LLC; director of the annual international "Smart Marriages"
conference; and director of the information clearinghouse Smartmarriages.com.
She is also a marriage and relationship speaker, consultant,
organizer, and expert who is regularly featured in the media.
In this column*, she translates cutting-edge research and
theories into practical solutions to your most vexing relationship problems.

Diane's Philosophy
Romance must be based on mutual trust that allows you to give freely, knowing
you aren't wasting your love or your time. It's time for smart romance and Smart Marriages®
that will go the distance!

Send your questions to Dr Romance
Due to the large volume, Dr Romance is not able to answer all questions.

*The Dr. Romance column originally appeared on women.com

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