About the Conference

WHO?The conference welcomes anyone interested in marriage and family education:
counselors, therapists, clergy, family life educators, lay leaders,
teachers, nurses, attorneys, policy makers, community activists, journalists AND the PUBLIC.
People attend from every state in the U.S and from around the world.
We expect 2,000+ attendees.

WHAT? The conference explores practical approaches to strengthening marriage
and preventing family breakdown. We're focused on getting the information

to the public in the most user-friendly, affordable formats.

WHY ATTEND? Learn how to teach information and skills for building smart,
satisfying marriages and families.
The pre and post conference training institutes qualify
you to teach the programs.
You will return home as a certified instructor
with the materials you need to get started.
80% of conference attendees attend the
pre- and post-conference training institutes.
Choose from 35 training institutes and from dozens of programs.
Attend over 140 sessions and hear 23 keynote presenters.

• You don't have to be a mental health
professionalto take the training
and to teach the courses. Research shows
trained lay educators teach
just as well - or better - than
mental health professionals. Or, use the
skills in your clinical practice.

• If you don't plan to teach, attend to learn the skills
to strengthen your own marriage
or relationship. ALL sessions are open
to the public - to couples, or singles, or single-again. 

People attend from around the
world – from Japan, Norway,
Switzerland, Argentina, South Korea, Netherlands,
Egypt, Spain, Israel, Canada, Bermuda, Nigeria, Cayman Islands,
Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland, Trinidad, Russia, Malaysia,
Singapore, Kuwait, Pakistan, Austria, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates,
China, Jordan, Germany, Ireland, Bahamas, Wales, Taiwan, Qatar,
Scotland, Cyprus, Panama, England, Guam,
Iceland, Turkey, Denmark,
Brazil, Puerto Rico, N. Mariana Islands, Australia, Virgin Islands...we've had
attendees from
more than 40 countries and from all across the U. S.
We expect the same great mix in this year.

  • DVD, CD, & MP3 formats: All conference sessions are recorded.
  • Workshops & Keynotes on audio CD or MP3/IPod downloads for $15.95.
  • Keynote sessions also available on video DVD ($29.95.)
See special on-site discount CD/DVD/MP3 packages.
To order: 800-241-7785 or at iplaybacksmartmarriages.com

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