Application to present a Workshop Session at the
14th annual Smart Marriages/Happy Families Conference
July 8-11, 2010
Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida

(Please clearly state if this is a resubmission of a prior presentation.  Make note of
any changes/edits/additions.)

Workshops are 90 mins in length and will be scheduled on FRI, SAT, SUN - July 9, 10, 11.

Send submission via email by October 24 to
Send as email text (create it as an email, just as though you were writing an email letter OR if you create it in word, simply copy and paste it into an email or )
Do NOT send as word.doc or a pdf attachments.
Use "Conference Submission" as the subject line.

Before submitting, read Presenter Agreement below.
Presenters will be notified of acceptance by Feb 15, 2010.

1. WORKSHOP TITLE: Up to 45 characters** including spaces and punctuation.

2. WORKSHOP DESCRIPTIONS - include both a and b Sample

A paragraph or two describing the session and what you will cover. Write this so that a
CE professional board reviewer, not familiar with your work/program/topic, will understand what you are
presenting. If your presentation is faith-based, say so but indicate if and how a secular audience can
also benefit from your session. Indicate if you are applying to present a "TOOB Training" - if yours is a "teach-out-of-the-box" program or a "FOOB Training" if yours is a Free Online out of Box progarm.

b. A brief (up to 40 word** description) for use in the conference brochure. To save space, don't repeat
information stated in the title. Also, instead of "In this workshop" or "In this session you will learn"
say: "Learn how to...."

**Titles and Descriptions will be edited to fit available brochure space.

Click to read last year's (2009) workshop descriptions.

3. PRESENTER INFORMATION:* Name, degrees, professional licenses and expiration dates, certification numbers
and state where license is held, mailing address, cell, daytime, and evening phone numbers, street, city, state,
zip, countryif outside US and EMAIL. Current job description - one sentence.
For degrees, include the following information: degree, major, institution, and year received.
List all degrees from BS/BA up, not just highest degree.
If a presenter is not degreed or licensed, please so state (i.e. "no degree, license or certification" - so
we don't have to contact you, thinking you may have forgotten to include it.) The license info is needed for
CEU/professional boards. Lack of a degree/license does not mean you won't be selected, however at least
one advanced-degree presenter per presentation greatly improves your chances.

Example: Don Smith, BS, MSW, PhD
BS, History, Middlebury College, 1969
MSW, Clinical Social Work, U of Md, 1974
PhD, Psychology, U of Washington, 1982
Licensed Psychologist #043-005630, GA - expires 10/31/06
1443 Euclid St SW
Starke, FL 32237
904-622-3781 (cell)
job description: director Jonesville community healthy marriage initiative

* You must complete this section in addition to attaching a vita - see item #8 below.

4. Bibliography: 5 item minimum See samples (You must include 4 articles or books in addition to any written by you.

In other words, if you list 5 items, you can be author or co-author of only one of them.)

5. AGENDA: Detailed description of what you will do during the 90 mins. Indicate number of minutes per
topic/segment and presenter(s) of each topic/segment if more than one presenter. See Sample.

6. LEARNING OBJECTIVES: List three learning objectives. See sample and format as what participants will
be able to do after the session. Take special care with these as they will be listed on
the online conference evaluation form as the criteria by which attendees will rate your session post-conference. .

7. Equipment: Each workshop will be provided with a flipchart, markers, and microphones.
Please indicate below any additional equipment you will need.
Please check "no equipment" if you do not need additional equipment.

___No Additional Equipment Needed (just flipchart and microphones)
___DVD player
___VHS player
___LCD Projector (laptop computers are NOT included, plan to bring your own laptop and cables)

These are equipment packages:Overhead projectors include a screen, VHS & DVD players include a monitor, flipcharts include easels & markers. CMFCE covers the cost of microphones, overheads, VHS, DVD, flipcharts, LCD projectors, and speakers for sound amplification (that is, you will be connected to house sound).
Each workshop is provided with 2 lav and one hand-held mic. We do not supply wireless mics.

**CMFCE does not provide laptop computers or connection cables.

Please email Diane Sollee if you have questions about equipment

8. Email your curriculum vita with this application. This is in addition to the "presenter info" provided above.
Minimum one page.

NOTE: Email a vita for each presenter.  We have switched CE certification companies so require a vita even from prior presenters. 

Vitas must include: Name, contact information (address, phone, email)
professional education and training; degrees, institution and year
each degree received and major area; publications; presentations;
and any pertinent experience that qualifies you as a presenter on the particular topic
you are applying to present. Note: include all degrees, not just highest degree earned.
Must be an official vita - not a "bio".

It is generally expected by mental health licensing boards that presenters will have an advanced degree
(Masters, PhD) in a field related to mental health
. IF you do not have such a degree, please
be sure you make the case for how/why you are qualified to present this topic
and provide continuing education (CE) for therapists/counselors/social workers that will
improve their practice, understanding, and/or skills. And, or, invite a degreed co-presenter to join you.
Include any education/training/work experience/life experience related to the topic to be presented or to counseling in general. Example:former convicts and prison staff presented on their experiences of reconnecting prisoners to their
spouses and families after parole. They had no degrees but their life/work experience was
instructive. Include any books, articles; programs you've created; trainings you have attended;
other presentations you have made - again relating to the topic or to counseling in general.
Leave out anything that doesn't pertain to the topic or qualifications for presenting
continuing education for counselors/therapists.

9. Attach a COLOR photo of each presenter. Head shot, formal or snapshot, jpg or tif.

10. List the years of the annual Smart Marriages conference you have attended,
and at which you presented: 1997 to the present. Applicants must have attended
at least one Smart Marriages conference.

11. If this will be your first presentation at Smart Marriages, describe other conference presentation experience.
Include links to videos of your presentations or mail sample DVD to address below. 

Presenters, though the submission of this application, acknowledge that they have read,
UNDERSTAND, and AGREE to the following:

1) As part of the ongoing effort to enrich and advance the field of marriage education,
Smart Marriages presenters agree to attend and participate in the full conference
and pay the discounted presenter conference registration fee of $300.

2) CMFCE will audio record conference sessions and distribute the
recordings for educational purposes. Complimentary
recordings of their sessions are provided to presenters on MP3 format.

3) Appropriate "Releases of Confidential Information" have been obtained for
any client/trainee materials that will be used and recorded as part of this
presentation. The responsibility for protecting client/trainee
confidentiality rests with the presenters(s).

4) It is not possible to offer presenters honoraria or travel expenses.

5) Presenters are responsible for the costs of reproducing handouts and
materials used in their workshop.

6) CMFCE is responsible for the costs of the audio visual equipment as stated
above - VHS, DVD, LCDs, overheads, sound amplifiation, mics, flipcharts and markers.
We do not supply computers or CD players. We do not provide connection cable for laptops.

The General Conference Program begins on Thursday, July 8 at 6:30pm with an opening plenary session and
reception and concludes the evening of Sunday, July 11. Workshops/TOOB & FOOB Trainings/Seminars will be scheduled for
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (July 9, 10, 11). Pre and Post Conference Training Institutes begin Tues July 6 and end Mon July 12. Exhibits are open Wed 8am to Sun 6pm.

Conference registration is $365. Presenter registration is $300.
(Spouse and student rate: $265).

The registration fee includes, 11 plenary sessions (approximately 20 keynote speakers); three lunches (Fri, Sat, Sun); seven 90-min workshops (including 140+ workshops/Toob/Foob Trainings from which to select); and the Thurs opening night reception. Additional payment is required for the following optional add-ons: banquets ($39 each), and pre and post conference Training Institutes ($135 per day with conference, $185 per day without conference). The conference program brochure and registration materials will be mailed to 150,000 people across the country and around the world.

All conference events will be held at the Shingle Creek Resort. 800-996-6338. Ask for the Smart Marriages Conference rates: $110 single/double, $120 triple, $130 quad. The rates are effective July 3 - July 15 on a first-come basis. We encourage you to make your hotel reservations today.

See website for rental car discounts.

Send submissions via email to with "Conference Submission" as the subject line.

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