Adventures in Marriage Certification Training

Lori Gordon, PhD, Richard Albertson, Rob Harrison, MA

Adventures in Marriage is an exciting Marriage Education program for Christian couples that is lively, practical, and fun!  If you want to turn a good marriage into a great marriage, find hope in a struggling marriage, or take a great marriage to a deeper, more passionate level, Adventures in Marriage is the curriculum for you! Adventures in Marriage combines Christian principles with the latest research to provide specific, practical, attainable skills for a successful marriage. This program is based on Dr. Lori Gordon's groundbreaking book "Passage to Intimacy," and helps couples learn the critical talking and confiding skills needed to communicate and resolve conflicts in a healthy relationship. Adventures in Marriage helps couples discover better ways to express anger, avoid dirty fighting, and understand how their personality styles impact relationships for better or worse. Fun and easy to teach, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at any age or stage. The program is designed to reach couples across the spectrum – from high-risk to highly-motivated.

Dr. Lori Gordon, one of the leading pioneers in the marriage education field and creator of the PAIRS programs, will be teaching the Adventures in Marriage certification training along with Richard Albertson, Founding President of Live the Life and author of the Start Smart premarital program, and Rob Harrison, Founder of 4EverMarriages & Families, Trainer, Speaker, and Community Consultant on Marriage, Family, and Fatherhood issues. 

Completion of this Two-day Institute qualifies you to become an Adventures in Marriage Coach authorized to teach Adventures in Marriage through marriage education classes, marriage retreats, and in one-on-one mentoring sessions. 

Who Should Attend:
Counselors, therapists, and clergy are encouraged to add this credential to their portfolio, but, because no professional or mental health training, license, or credentials are needed to effectively teach the course, lay public/mentor couples and singles are especially encouraged to take the training. Adventures in Marriage Coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds including clergy, lay couples, mentor couples, mental health professionals, and staff from community-based organizations desiring to include marriage education in their programs. 

Should My Spouse Attend the Training?
The program is most effective when presented by married couples who have been through their own struggles and have acquired "on-the-job" marital wisdom and we encourage couples to attend, together, if possible.  However individuals or non-married teaching teams can also teach the course and are encouraged to attend the training.  Even if you don't plan to teach, you are warmly encouraged to attend the Institute. 
The two-day program will provide experiential learning that will strengthen your own marriage as you develop the skills to bond and connect at a deeper level.  Once you have completed the training, you will be authorized to teach the course and you might decide to become an instructor/coach.   

Materials you will receive:

·      Certification as an authorized Adventures in Marriage Coach/Instructor

·      Adventures in Marriage Coach/Instructor Notebook

·      Adventures in Marriage Workbook for couples

·      "Teach Backs" that give you the opportunity to practice teaching the program

·      Powerpoint CD to teach the course in a classroom setting

·      Preview of Intimate Marriage Partners curriculum based on Dr. Gordon's two books Passage to Intimacy and Love Knots

Can I Become Certified to Train Other Marriage Coaches in the Program?
You can qualify as a Master Trainer and train and certify new Adventures in Marriage Coaches.  Marriage Coaches/Instructors can be certified as Master Trainers when they meet the following requirements:

A)    Taught Adventures in Marriage at least 3 times

B)   Been approved by a current Master Trainer who has personally observed the candidate’s teaching, and verified their teaching excellence via live presentation or video-tape

C)   Co-led one Marriage Coach /Instructor Certification Training with a Master Trainer


Cost of teaching the Adventures in Marriage Courses:

The Adventures in Marriage workbooks are inexpensive ($25 per couple).  The workbooks are written for easy reading, understanding, and learning. Learn how course revenue will be shared with local marriage strengthening initiatives.

For more information, contact Beverly Smith at (850) 668-3700 

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

Register for the Institute and the Conference: Click for Information on Conference Details, to download a conference brochure, REGISTER ONLINE, hotel & travel information & discounts, etc.


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