Anne Arundel County Coalition for Healthy Marriages and Responsible Fatherhood
Steering Committee Charter


The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide oversight and direction for the planning, implementation and assessment of the on-going suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood Demonstration throughout Anne Arundel County (Healthy Homefronts).  The Steering Committee is led by Reverend, Sarah Woods.  Representation on the Steering Committee is comprised of a cross section of community leaders from public and private sectors.   (See Clause 6)

* The Steering Committee determines the policies of the coalition and assures cooperation and participation from all constituents.

*  The Steering Committee reviews and evaluates Healthy Homefronts on a regular basis. The review focuses on achieving coalition objectives and assessing opportunities for improvement of each demonstration area:

* Research and Evaluation
* Coalition Building
* Leadership Training & Education
* Media and Communication
* Community Events

*  The Steering Committee prioritizes Coalition activities and appropriately sanctions task forces such as:

* Monitoring and Reporting Local, State and Federal decisions that impact the Coalition and its Demonstration.
* Conducting Unmarried Parents Study.
* Conducting Family Needs Survey.

* The Steering Committee members take appropriate actions to implement any necessary changes to the coalition.


Baker, Mary  Social Health
Belcher, John  Education
Collins, Alvin Government
Feeney, Pat  Government
Francois, Paulette  Social Health
Hutchins, Holly Law and Justice
Menendez, Frank  Faith
Riley, Roger  Social Health
Shirk, David Specialized (Military)
Woods, Ted Economic
Woods, Sarah ­ Steering Committee Chairman Faith Based


Steering committee meetings are scheduled to take place on the second Monday of each month during planning and implementation phases.  On-going meetings will be scheduled the second Monday of each quarter.  Members are expected to attend or assign a representative.

* The meetings are held at Robert A. Pascal Youth and Family Services, 570H Ritchie Highway, Severna Park.

* The Steering Committee Chairperson organizes the Steering Committee meetings, maintains the action item register, follows up on due action items and publishes Steering Committee meeting minutes.

* The steering committee agenda includes, but is not limited to, the following topics.

* Status of implementation by each demonstration area.
* Status of Funding.
* Action Items from Previous Meetings.
* Local, State or Federal issues that could impact Healthy Homefronts.
* Recommendations for Improvement.


Responsibilities of the Steering Committee members include, but are not limited to, the following:

*    Coordinate Healthy Homefront activities throughout his/her
         respective sector.
*   Engage coalition constituents to ensure:

* every participants understands the coalition and their contributions.
* every participant follows coalition policies and guidelines work.
* every participant has the opportunity to provide feedback for continual improvement of the coalition.

*    Remove barriers/roadblocks to maintaining or improving Healthy

*    Communicate the effectiveness of Healthy Homefronts.

*    Ensure linkages to Healthy Homefronts� objectives and continual
         Improvement efforts throughout his/her respective sector.

*    Celebrate successes.

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee Chairperson include, but are not limited to, the following:

*   Support the development and implementation of Healthy Homefronts.

*   Manage day-to-day planning and implementation of Healthy Homefronts.

*   Provide regular status on the performance Healthy Homefronts to the
       Steering Committee

*  Make recommendations for improvement of Healthy Homefronts

*  Provide Healthy Homefronts training and communication to the community

*  Organize and lead the Steering committee meetings, provide status and minutes.

All information presented or discussed in the steering committee meetings is considered public knowledge and can be shared outside of the coalition; unless otherwise stated.

* Steering Committee members are encouraged to share appropriate information with their constituents.

* Formal decisions reached by the steering committee, will be communicated to all coalition participants by the Steering Committee Chairman.

* The Coalition web site will provide information regarding Healthy Homefronts.  This information includes, but is not limited to the following:

* Healthy Homefronts Policy and Objectives
* Results of Demonstration Activities
* Steering Committee Assessments
* Steering Committee Minutes and Action Register
* Continual Improvement Actions and Status
* Feedback on Healthy Homefronts received via web site
The Circle of Involvement model was created by Families Northwest.  The Circles of Involvement is not intended to be an exhaustive listing for each sector, but rather a sampling groups for each category to act as an example. Exclusion of a listing is unintentional.

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