Two Day - Tuesday & Wednesday, July 7 & 8
The Blue Print: A Guide to Family Stability & Economic Success
Joe Jones, Cassandra Codes-Johnson, MA, James Worthy, Center for Urban Families (CFUF)

Qualify to teach healthy relationship & marriage skills, financial literacy and family planning
to urban famlies and leave equipped with expertise in program planning, implementation,
and sustainability.

The Blueprint training qualifies you to teach a curriculum that is based on 10 years of experience in working with low-income, minority couples to provide healthy relationship and marriage education that also includes financial literacy and family planning skills.  The community-based program was developed in an effort to provide the same services to low-income, minorities, as are available to middle class, non-minority individuals contemplating a marital relationship  

The Blueprint is an outgrowth of a multi-year effort to determine and meet not only the education needed for couples, but to also determine and meet the needs of program staff, and thus provide organizations with the guidance to successfully maintain a continuing healthy relationship and marriage program.  After several years of research, scholarly collaboration, and pilot testing, CFUF presents its new program: The Blueprint: A Guide to Family Stability & Economic Success.

What you will be able to do:
         Trained participants will be able to implement the Blueprint curriculum program and successfully utilize the full scope of the guidebook.  Trainees will be able to effectively facilitate a group of couples seeking healthy relationship and marriage education, as well as education on financial literacy, family planning, and underlying concepts of domestic violence prevention. 

         Trainees will learn best practices of recruitment; retention; program marketing; necessary alumni services to program graduates to prevent relapse; and methods of building and maintaining community partnerships that can assist a program/organizations’ growth and sustainability. 

What you will receive:
         Trainees will receive a training manual; a curriculum and guidebook; participant handouts (CD-ROM); and Certification from the Center for Urban Families Training Institute.

         More Information:

         For more information and to request training, visit,
or contact Ms. Page Hinerman at; (410) 246-1380.

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

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