Take the challenge! No bickering allowed in a 'Smart
Marriages®' car.

I'll be watching for a turn around in marriage in your
community. Maybe you can get the whole town to sport Smart Marriages bumper stickers.
They get people curious and lead them to check out all the free info on the web site that will
help them learn how they can have a Smart Marriage®,
but couples also tell me it raises their own consciousness to drive around
as a 'poster couple' with a Smart Marriages® sticker on their car.
One woman wrote to say that she and her husband had an argument in a
supermarket. As they approached their car, he pointed to the
bumper sticker and said, "I guess we're not that smart...." and they both
started laughing. She said she immediately flashed to all the stuff she'd
read on the web site and the fight evaporated.

Here's another story that just came in:
I have to tell you a cute thing that happened last week. I have one of
the new Prius Hybrid cars and it gets a lot of stares. Last week a man in
an older model Prius was admiring, I thought, my car. He followed me a
while and it was getting rather weird. Finally, at a stop light he inched close
to my rear bumper and got out of his car. I locked my doors, and he bent
down to write down the URL from my SmartMarriages.com bumper sticker.
He got back in his car and waves good bye as he turns off the road. How cool is that?!
Elsie Radtke, Chicago

I think this guy called! I get emails and calls from people that tell me
they found us from a bumper sticker! It's working.

And, here's one about bumper stickers as conversations starters:
Someone ran into the back of our car a few weeks ago and we just got
our car back from the repair shop MINUS THE SMARTMARRIAGES BUMPER
STICKER! Could we get a new one? The car looks naked without it. BTW, our
geologist daughter has borrowed the car and driven it to construction sites.
The drillers are a pretty rough crowd, but interestingly, want to be married
and claim that they have a hard time finding women who want to settle down
and have kids. Anyway it definitely has started conversations she never
would have had without the smartmarriages message.
Steve and Kathy Beirne, Maine

Send me your Smart Marriages bumper sticker stories. diane@smartmarriages.com

To receive a Free Smart Marriages® Bumper Sticker,
Send a self-addressed, stamped, standard-size business envelope to:

Smart Marriages
917 1st St N #101
Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250 

Affix letter postage for domestic US mail for one bumper sticker/
We will not enter your mailing address in our database or use it for any other purpose. 

Someone asked what the stickers look like: smartmarriages.com in white letters on
a blue background.  Nothing else. 
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