Many of you are working to get your Marriage Resource Centers up and
running.  This may help.  - diane

> Good morning Sandy,
> Congratulations on the implementation of your Berks County
> Coalition Marriage Resource Center website.
> As webmasters of the Ohio Marriage Resource Center website,
> please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.
> We are trying to form an email network of marriage resource
> center webmasters.  Using the network, we can exchange information
> of interest to us all.  The following is the list of webmasters we
> have for existing marriage resource center websites:

> Jennifer Baker Ozarks MRC <jbaker@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Mike Bradley Iowa MRC <host4success@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Cathy Brown San Diego MRC <Cmbrown0000@xxxxxx>
> Dennis Stoica Orange Co MRC <Dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Dick Cronk Ohio Marriage Resource Center cronkra@xxxxxxxxxx

> Please be sure to revise the meta keywords on the home page
> of your site.  Since you copied the Orange County template, the
> keywords still include references to Orange County.  These keywords
> are used by search engines when people are looking for info about
> websites.
> Working for strong marriages
> Dick & Carol Cronk, Lay Directors
> Christian Life Center Marriage Builders Ministry, Dayton, OH
> email cronkra@xxxxxxxxxx
> web

REMEMBER, to send me the url as soon as you're launched, so I can get your
Marriage Resource Center posted on the Registry. And, if you're new to the
list and need the step-by-step instructions about how to create a web-based
Marriage Resource Center in your region, see
/stoica.oc.html  - diane


Hello Pajarita Charles,
    Greetings from the Ohio Marriage Resource Center, located in
Dayton, OH.  Here are some tips on finding info about marriage-related
activities and events in the state of North Carolina:
  1.  If you go to our website at
click on marriage enrichment, then click on one time events in Ohio.
On that page, I have links to calendar/event pages of numerous marriage
related sites.  You can search them for North Carolina events.
  2.  To find Marriage Encounter info, visit the Worldwide Marriage
Encounter website, located at  Click on Learn
More About ME, then click on How To Begin and choose Weekend Locations.
Then enter North Carolina.  Or you can click on
  3.  To find Catholic Engaged Encounter weekends, go to and click on North Carolina.
We just gave a Charlotte Engaged Encounter weekend to one of our
daughter's friends as a wedding gift.  I'm sure they would be willing
to tell you all about it.  Her name is Sue and we courtesy copied her
on this email to you.  <>
  4.  You can find Retrouvaille weekends on their site located at
  5.  The Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME) is
headquartered in Winston-Salem.  Contact them for info on their
affiliates around the state.
  6.  I did a search on Google for marriage enrichment north carolina
and got 16,300 sites listed.
  7.  I did a search on Google for marriage preparation north carolina
and got 70,000 sites listed.

    We have registered for the Dallas Smartmarriages Conference and
definitely plan to attend Dennis Stoica's Friday session (#316) on
web-based Marriage Resource Centers.  Hope to see you there.

    Our daughter lives in Charlotte, NC and we make periodic trips
there to visit her.  Maybe we could arrange to meet with you or some of
your team members on our next trip to Charlotte.

Working for strong marriages
Dick  Cronk


>Dear Dick,
>We are in the process of establishing a website/network in the Omaha, NE for
>biblically based marriage and family resources.  We were in Reno last year
>and were further inspired.  We saw your instructions regarding the frontpage
>compatability.  Thank you for that input.
>Would you feel free to share what web hosting company you use?  We are new
>to this, but know that we need one that will support Frontpage 2000.  We
>were a little overwhelmed when we did a search, a lot of companies out
>there.  Obviously, we don't need a lot of "bells & whistles", but a reliable
>established company.
>Patrick & Janet Kahnk

Hello Pat & Janet
 We are glad to hear that you are preparing website/network
for biblically based marriage & family resources in Omaha.

 As you have seen, there are numerous Internet Service
Providers (ISPs).  My recommendation would be to choose one in
your local area.  That way, there are no long distance phone
charges involved, and it's comforting to know that you can go
to their local office and talk to someone face-to-face if you
need to.

 That is the criteria I used.  My internet service provider is
Corecomm.  They bought out Erinet, which was a local Dayton company
when I started several years ago.  For information on their web
hosting, visit
 I chose the Core Enhanced Plan at $30.00 per month, primarily
because of the Frontpage support.  (At the time I subscribed, the
Core Basic plan did not provide Frontpage support).

 I do not ask for funds or donations.  By paying for the site
out of my own pocket, I can decide what material I want to put on
the site.

 I work alone from my house, so I don't need a large number
of email addresses (POP).  One serves all my needs.

 100 megabytes of disk storage is way more than I will ever
need.  I avoid the use of fancy graphics and animations.  People
who visit my site are looking for information and dont want to be
bothered with time-consuming graphics downloads.

 Two gigabytes of throughput is way more than I need.  Again,
people, come to my site to obtain information, not to download
images.  (I get about 10 visitors per day).  The NASA Mars Rover
site got 10 million visitors during the month of January and many
of them were downloading images. NASA needed the large throughput.
 You don't need secure keys unless you will be selling items
and obtaining customer's credit card info.

 Usage statistics are nice to have.  You can track the number
of visits and visitors to your site.

 Database capability, Access capability and Standard Query
Language (SQL) is generally used by companies who sell a large
number of items over the internet.  They can build databases to
track inventory and automatically reorder stock.

 Generally your internet service provider includes the domain
name registration in their process, so have a name ready ahead of time.
 On Saturday March 6, I gave a presentation at the

Ohio Christian Education Association (OCEA) Conference in Akron, OH.
It is titled "You Too Can Create a Christian-Based Website."  It is
in MS Powerpoint, and I will send it to you by separate email.
 Once you go online, notify Diane Sollee, so she can link to
your site from her Smartmarriages website.

 Are you going to the Dallas Smartmarriage Conference this
year?  We are. Hope to see you there.

 Hope this doesn't overwhelm you. Please feel free to call
937-890-7078 or email me if you have additional questions.

Dick  Cronk,

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