PAIRS Pre-Marital Workshop/DC Area - Ellen & Chuck Purcell

Ellen & Chuck Purcell

Fun, easy-to-learn tools including: Relationship Road Map, Daily Temperature
Reading, Dialogue Guide, Emotional Jug, Caring Behaviors. Classroom setting,
knowledge and skills training, not counseling or group sharing. Male-friendly.
Monthly schedule in Reston, Virginia (VA). Sundays, 1-5pm. Only $95 per
couple, includes materials!


2018 dates:  

PAIRS Pre-Marital and PAIRS Classics 4-hour workshop dates:
March 18,  April 22, July 15,  November 11

Riding Relationship Cycles and PAIRS Intro 4-hour workshop:
June 11, September 16

PAIRS Relationship Mastery Program workshop series (7  weekends):
Starting Nov. 2 - 4, then ONE weekend each month through April 

Ellen & Chuck Purcell