PAIRS NEW JERSEY - Elaine and Hal Braff, PAIRS Master Teachers

Elaine & Hal Braff

The Relationship Road Map & Passage to Intimacy Courses: Whether you are "in love", struggling, or painfully stuck, these courses will give you the tools to communicate skillfully, problem solve constructively, and to build lasting love in a lively, fun setting. You'll learn how to connect powerfully, passionately, effectively, and consistently, heal past hurts and restore respect, love, and intimacy. It is the most important investment you can make in your relationship. 

I am a recent graduate of Elaine & Hal's PAIRS Relationship Roadmap program which my husband & I credit with saving our 20 year marriage and our family! We feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled on this via a friend who had wanted to take the course with her husband.  Unfortunately they never took the course because they discovered it after a year of fruitless therapy and they ended up getting divorced. - 4/24/10


Relationship Roadmap Course: six consecutive Wednesdays. Check back for future dates. 

Elaine Braff
South Orange, NJ
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