Relationship Enhancement (RE) Programs: Bernard Guerney

Bernard Guerney, Director, Rob Scuka, PhD, Mary Ortwein, MS

Award-winning research proves RE to be exceptionally effective.
Couples learn skills to increase mutual understanding and emotional
responsiveness; resolve conflicts; establish more satisfying behavior
patterns; and enhance relationships with children and co-workers.
Participant manuals and videos available in Spanish. Instructor training
in Relationship Enhancement, Mastering the Mysteries of Love, and Love's Cradle
for lay persons and professionals available via a video-based home study
program (includes 3 hrs of telephone supervision), or at your site.
For full schedule of Instructor Training or monthly Couples Workshop dates:
In Maryland,
In Kentucky,


Mysteries of Love workshop dates at NIRE in Bethesda, Maryland, a Washington, DC suburb. $450 per couple. See full itinerary on the website.

Rob Scuka
Bethesda, Maryland

This is the program headquarters.

This program provides certification.

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