Retrouvaille: A lifeline for couples with serious problems

(RetroVi) "means lifeline and rhymes with apple pie."

A pay-what-you-can-afford, blank-envelope donation program for couples with serious problems who are distant, cold, disillusioned, bored,
angry, separated and/or have experienced affairs, alcoholism, gambling, violence, etc.
– trained volunteer couples who have "been to the brink" teach others how to
heal & renew their marriages to make them stronger than ever. This successful
program (85% when both partners work at it!) teaches communication techniques
and works on forgiveness, healing and restoration of trust beginning with a
weekend away and 12 follow-up meetings over three months. These are not
spiritual retreats, sensitivity groups, seminars or social gatherings – there are no mental
health professionals involved and you don't have to share or say anything in front of anyone else.
Couples discuss topics and practice skills in privacy. Also open
to secular, non-fatih, non-believers. Available in Spanish.


This is the program headquarters.

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