Discernment Counseling - William Doherty

William Doherty, PhD and Steven Harris, PhD

Training Counselors to work with couples considering divorce. This 5 hour online video training course by Bill Doherty teaches Discernment Counseling, a new way to work with mixed-agenda couples (one leaning out of the marriage, the other leaning in). It teaches marriage therapists and counselors a step-by-step protocol for offering couples a multi-session consultation that helps both partners and maximizes the chance that the marriage will survive and improve.   A videotaped example demonstrates the protocol. After training, sign up for the referral directory for licensed therapists and counselors.

Bridget Manley-Mayer
Couples on the Brink Project, UMN
612-625-4752 ext. 2

This program provides certification.

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