How to Stay Married & Love It! - Skype, online, or in-person

Nancy Landrum, MA

My husband and I made the journey from a highly-troubled remarried stepfamily to the SoulMate marriage or our dreams.  We chronicled our journey in our relationship skills classes and books "How to Stay Married & Love It" and "How to Stay Married & Love it EVEN MORE!" which are both available as e-books.  I have taught classes and coached couples for 20+ years and currently coach couples in person, by phone or skype. I offer a FREE newsletter and blog about relationship and will soon release a "Love Potions for Healthy Relationships" book series.  I’ve also created a highly effective curriculum for step-couples titled “Stepping TwoGether: Building a Strong Stepfamily.” Contact me for counseling, to order books or programs, or to be added to the newsletter or blog. Facebook: nancylandrumauthorcoach Blog:

Nancy Landrum
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