Couple Talk - Don & Alexandra Flecky

Relationship Research Foundation, Inc.

CoupleTalk is a video-led, Christian version of Bernard Guerney’s Relationship Enhancement and Mastering the Mysteries of Love programs. Couples learn healthy communication and conflict resolution skills with a strong emphasis on empathy.  Includes gentle faith content.  It’s interactive, with several couple exercises embedded in each 75-90 minute video session. Workbook accompanies the video. No training required.  Available in two 5-session parts: Part 1 - Cracking the Code to a Deeper Connection, and Part 2 - Cracking the Code to Handling Conflict.  Suitable for large events, classes, retreats, small groups, a couple at home, or as a supplement to couples counseling. Phone coaching also available. 

Don and Alexandra Flecky
Fullerton, California
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