Amores Retreat: Bringing Couples Closer Together

M.P. Wylie, PhD

Providing couples in any phase of relationship and marriage a meaningful step-by-step romantic "Couple's Intensive Retreat". You will delight in a "vacation for your relationship" in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, CA, a peaceful paradise where you will experience being closer than ever before as you learn the tools you need to prosper as a couple, along with coping techniques customized specifically for your relationship. You will be guided to focus exclusively on your partner and your relationship whether in crisis on the verge of divorce; recovering from infidelity; desiring more intimacy and/or considering marriage and wanting to get off to a good start. 5-day intensive retreats and weekend renewal retreats available. Idyllwild offers fun, romantic activities, and is just the right setting to relax and reconnect.

M.P. Wylie, PhD
Idyllwild, California
602-743-4775 or 877-588-7545
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