Center for the Study of Relationship - Richard & Antra Borofsky

Richard & Antra Borofsky

Couples Retreats and workshops are led by the Borofskys, who have been a couple for 45 years. Their approach focuses on learning how to be fully present together, how to create a true mutuality (a balance of self and other), and how to identify and dissolve fears that limit the ability to give and receive love freely and fully. They teach simple but powerful practices that cultivate awareness, compassion, trust, authenticity, humor, and spiritual connection. For all couples. They also offer private sessions and telephone consultations. Click on website link below for a full schedule of classes. 


Workshops &  Retreats for Couples 2015:             

Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY, The Comedy of Relationship: June 5-7  

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Lenox, MA., Intimacy as a Spiritual Path: July 31-August 2

Center for the Study of Relationship, Cambridge, MA, The Art of Loving: October 24-25

Center for the Study of Relationship, Cambridge, MA Level II Retreat:  December 5-6




Richard & Anita Borofsky
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