10 Great Dates & Second Half: Marriage Alive Programs, David & Claudia Arp

Claudia & David Arp, MSW

Video, skills and research-based, easy-to-teach, no-training-required, guy-friendly! In these innovative programs, couples come for fun dates and leave with marriage skills! Programs for the engaged through empty nest include: the classic, award-winning 10 Great Dates; Great Dates Connect (streamlined 4-date DVD version); $10 Great Dates; Second Half of Marriage (renews empty-nest marriages); Connecting Faith, Love & Marriage (faith-based, small-groups/free Leader's Guide at 10greatdates.org.); 10 Great Dates Before You Say "I Do"; 10 Great Dates for Black Couples; & 10 Great Dates in Spanish, Korean, and German. The Arps, authors of over 30 books, lead seminars in the U.S. and internationally. Recipients of the Smart Marriages Impact Award.

David and Claudia Arp
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