Marriage Success Training: premarital education seminars: Greg & Patricia Kuhlman

Patricia Schell Kuhlman and Greg Kuhlman, PhD

Marriage preparation in New York, NY, Washington, DC, Chicago, IL,
Boston, MA for premarital couples and newlyweds. One-day, Sat., 9am-6pm.
Build the foundation for your lifetime together. Small, religion-neutral,
led by professional married couple, based on latest marriage research.
Fun, relaxed. Exciting, inspiring. Build communication and conflict
resolution skills. Enhance strengths, deepen intimacy, explore expectations.
Avoid negative relationship habits. Plan long-term strategies to promote
growth. Individualized focus on your relationship. Not one-size-fits-all.
Learn approaches that work best for your styles.

Patricia Schell Kuhlman and Greg Kuhlman
866-704-6565; 718-622-8380
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