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Reasons to list
How it works
Schedule of your class dates
Summary and Application

Reasons to list in the Directory of Programs and Providers:

- The Directory is used by the public looking for courses and
professionals and lay people looking for training.

- A link to your site from Smart Marriages®  

- The Directory is the most comprehensive listing of marriage, couples and family education
programs - the "Who's Who and What's What" of the Marriage Education field. In addition
to couples, professionals, clergy and students looking for courses & training, it is used by journalists
looking for experts, and by congregations, organizations and civic groups looking for speakers.

- The Directory is consistently featured in major media outlets, books and publications
including books like "The Case for Marriage" and reports like "Why Marriage Matters: 26
Conclusions from the Social Sciences" and on radio, TV, and in print media: The New York
Times, LA Times, Oprah, "O" Magazine, Psychology Today, Reader's Digest,
Brides, NPR, CNN, CBS Morning News, MSNBC, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune,
Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, Redbook, Atlantic Monthly, Parent's Magazine, Self,
Men's Health, Tango, Woman's World, Parade, Family Circle, etc, etc. have all listed the site.

- In addition to those that visit the on-line Directory, many call or write looking for
courses or training. We refer them to the Directory. 

- It's a great deal at a great price! Two different programs persisted in sending payments on
a monthly basis. They (understandably) thought the fee covered a month, not a year.

How it works:

- The Directory is divided into sections by categories - Premarital, Stepfamilies,
Retreats, Singles, At a Distance, ETC. Your listing may appear in more than one category.
Note the Headquarters designation is limited to those with a national corp of at least 30 trained
instructors listed on their website.

- $75 (100 words) for each calendar year if listing remains unchanged. $25 edit fee.
Calendar year: Jan through Dec. That's only $6.50 a month. Includes live links to your email and web site addresses. The 100 word count does not include the header (title) or contact information.

COURSE SCHEDULES: For $150 inclusive for the year, you get the 100 word listing plus you can
list your course schedules, locations and prices and send updates 4 times a year. The schedule dates are in addition to your listing word count - does not take up part of your 100 words. Do not repeat course descriptions in schedule, list titles only. Describe the courses in your 100 word listing or on your own website. This option also includes notices of your courses on the Smart Marriages newslist. 


****Important: the Directory lists educational programs and resources, not therapy. 

Do not include a program in your description of services if you are not
trained and authorized to teach the program.
For example don't say
you offer the the Couple Communication or PREPARE/ENRICH
programs unless you are certain those programs will verify your standing.
You can, of course include the generic terms like preparing couples or couple

Schedule listing guidelines:
- If all your courses are all in the same location, list the location only one time and group the dates under that location.

- Include price format like this: $85 per couple/$55 per person

Schedule listing examples:

For Better or Worse: 8 Tues nights, 7- 9pm: $350 per couple
New Orleans, Louisiana: beginning
dates Oct 5, Jan 8, and April 21

Couples Communication I & II Instructor Training: 9am - 5pm
Miami, Florida: April 6 & 7

Atlanta, Georgia, GA: Dec 16 & 17
Seattle, Washington, WA: March 5 & 6, June 21 & 22.

Adventures in Marriage classes for couples:
Tallahassee, Florida: the first weekend of every month.

$170 per couple.

If you have any questions about how to list, email

BILLING: The Directory is invoiced by calendar year. Billing is at the end of the year for the full
following year (January through December) - this to keep administrative costs down.  Charges are NOT pro-rated
to the month you sign on. For example, if you apply in July, you pay the same $75 annual fee as
someone who signs on in January. Those who sign-on early in the year get more for their money.

How to APPLY:

Email the text of your listing (your 100 words, header, contact info) to This must be sent via email!
In your email, indicate the amount of the payment you are sending - the amount of the "check that is in the mail". Or, if you would rather pay via PayPal, let me know via email and I will send you an invoice.  

It is not necessary, but you can also print out and complete the application below. Listings will be posted upon receipt of payment.

_____$75 - 100 word listing, plus header and contact info

_____$150 - 100 word listing plus the Schedule option

____ Headquarters designation (no charge) "Our website lists the contact information for at
least 30 trained instructors/providers of our curriculum across the U.S"

____ Training designation. (no charge.) "Our program provides training of trainers/intructors in our program."

SUGGEST up to 5 designations: (Listings at discretion of CMFCE.)


____Headquarters (see above - limited to programs with national corp of at least 30 listed instructors)
____Get-Aways: Cruises, Retreats, Exciting Destinations, Camps, etc. - Marriage vacation PLUS classes
____Marriage & Relationship Education Skills/Enrichment - make your good thing better
____AT A DISTANCE - strengthen your marriage without leaving home/WEB, DVDs, etc
____Phone/SKYPE Coaching

____Deeply Troubled/Marriage on the brink - divorce prevention

____Deeply Troubled/On the Brink of Divorce
____Infidelity - you can recover
____Retired/Empty Nest

____School and Youth Marriage Education Programs
____Faith Based
____Parenting Education
____Step Parent Education
____New Parents/New Baby Education
____Low Income/Minority/Head Start
____Workplace/Corporate Settings
____African American/Black


BECOME AN INSTRUCTOR- FIND Instructor Training in person or at-a distance or "in a box"
____Instructor Training - Our Program REQUIRES in-person training of trainers/instructors
____Teach-Right-Out-Of-The-Box Couples Program
____Teach-Right-Out-Of-The-Box Parenting Program
____Teach-Right-Out-Of-The-Box Stepparenting/Remarriage Program
____Mentor Progras - lay instructor training
____Teach Individuals/Singles
____Instructor Training at-a-distance - train without leaving home

____Inventories - compatibility/strengths - premarital, marital, remarriage
____Services: Grant Writing, Program Evaluation/Website Design

____State and Community Initiatives
____Associations and Organizations

***CMFCE, LLC reserves the right to refuse listings and to limit or decline designations/categories.

Send listing submissions, suggestions, or questions to:

Mail check payable to "CMFCE Directory", application, and a copy of your listing to:

CMFCE Directory
917 1st St N #101
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Tax ID # 52-1991725

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