The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage
Jane and Dr. John Covey, EdD, MBA
Certify to teach this powerful marriage-strengthening
curriculum from FranklinCovey. Developed with a new
facilitation methodology, this curriculum is designed to equip
and empower couples not only to implement these life-changing
habits, but teach their children through fun, simple, self-discovery activities.

Fun and Engaging 2-day Training:
Marriage training has never been easier, more fun or more effective!
During this facilitator certification institute, the boring, didactic,
lecture-oriented teaching styles of the past will be abandoned as you
learn the secrets of this new experience-based curriculum. You’ll
also receive marketing and resource-building tips to assist you in
leveraging your opportunities to facilitate.
Benefits to YOU:                                              
You will-
– Reap benefits in your own marriage using the Inside-out Approach.                                                   
– Learn new, revolutionary facilitation methodology.
Become a licensed FranklinCovey facilitator of world-class curricula.
– Receive the facilitator kit (a $375 value) and waiver of license fees ($150) as Smart Marriages
conference bonuses! 
*Contact FranklinCovey directly (see contact info below) to obtain a
license agreement and have any questions answered prior to registering for this institute.                                     
– Have additional option to self-certify in FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits for Families and Teens!
Benefits to Your Clients:                                   
They will-
– Discover universal principles of marital effectiveness and happiness.
– Develop Proactive thinking minimizing the potential for relationship abuse.                  
– Focus on their Circle of Control gaining influence and minimizing frustrations.                         
– Create a Marriage Mission Statement serving as a guiding light toward their goals        
– Outline a plan to prioritize couple time, build traditions and create lasting memories.  
– Identify ‘Deposits and Withdrawals’ and build healthy Emotional Bank Accounts.            
– Adopt a Win-Win mindset and lifestyle reinforcing respect and increasing trust.            
– Listen first for understanding using strategies that eliminate listening barriers.                    
– Feel more understood practicing effective ways to communicate feelings and thoughts.
– Celebrate differences, talents and skills while creatively working together.                    
– Plan time to renew their relationship emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.
Each attendee or attending couple will receive a Facilitator Kit which includes:
– Participant Guide and Workshop Materials                                              
– PowerPoint Presentation CD
– DVD Containing Multiple Video Clips
– Step-by-Step Instructions and Multiple Presentation Options           
– Appendix of Stories and Optional Reinforcement Activities                                  
– Multi-compartment canvas shoulder case.                                       
– Facilitator Guide/Binder

Facilitator and Program Support:
As a new FranklinCovey Marriage Curriculum Facilitator, you will have
your own FranklinCovey Client Partner to assist you with your customer
service needs and implementation of your marriage/family-strengthening initiative.  
If you have questions regarding the certification process please contact Jami Welch
Jamie will connect you with your regional Client Partner. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and the answers:

 #1) Once I complete the training session, and I am certified to teach
 the curriculum, would I then operate as an independent Eight Habits educator?
The licensing agreement means you can teach the program only in your own specific
organization unless an exception is made. You may also be granted permission to teach
to not-for-profit organizations. However, you must always purchase participant materials
when teaching the program inside your own organization or to non-profits.
#2) Would Franklin Covey also assist with marketing?
 No, you would be responsible for marketing your own programs
#3) At what point will I obtain a licensing agreement?
You will obtain a license agreement at the end of the Institute Training.

#4) Does the certification cover all states or just the state I'm in?
The license agreement allows you to operate inside your organization, it is organizatin-based,
not state-based.

At the following link scroll down to the bottom of the page to read a downloadable brief excerpt from a Special Report: The 7 Habits of Successful Families in Florida, a government-commissioned study on the impressive effectiveness of the 7 Habits in improving families.  As this Jacksonville website says, " So impressive is the work of the Jacksonville program that it should and will serve as a model for community leaders worldwide."

I encourage anyone interested in attending The 8 Habits of a Successful Marriage training and certification institute, or The 7 Habits of Successful Families workshop at the July Smart Marriages conference to read the report - the curricula were developed with the same engaging and successful methodology, and are based on Stephen Covey’s best-selling works The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, and The 8th Habit. 

You can read the entire study (138 pages) if  interested - just check the URL for the full study on the first page of the abridged report.

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

Conference Details: download a conference brochure, Register ONLINE, hotel & travel information & discounts, etc.

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