Office of Child Support Enforcement
Section 1115 Demonstration Grants
$1.2 Million in FY 02 of which $300,000 can be used for marriage/family formation activities with no grant to exceed $100,000.  Awards will be for 17 months.

* OCSE notified States on July 5 about Section 1115 demonstration grants for FY '02. The closing date for applications is August 6, 2002.  Only States may apply, but the grant anouncement ecnourages them to partner with community and faith-based organizations.

* Marriage activities include, for example, programs that discuss marriage and family formation with couples when paternity is established and make available resources such as premarital counseling.

* Projects are required to make information available to both custodial and non-custodial parents regarding marriage and family formation.

A list of state contacts for the 1115 demonstration grants is attached.

Office of Child Support Enforcement
Special Improvement Projects (SIP grants)
$1.2 Million in FY 02 of which $200,000 can be used for marriage/family formation activities.  No more than two grants will be awarded.

* OCSE announced the Special Improvement Projects for FY '02 on May 30 in the Federal Register.  The closing date for applications is August 13, 2002.    Web Site:

* Special Improvement Projects can, for example, encourage new ways to approach unwed parents with information about the importance of healthy marriage to a child�s well-being.

* Who may apply:  States, nonprofits including community and faith-based organizations, local public agencies, Tribes, and consortia of State and local public agencies.  Applicants should have the cooperation of the State IV-D child support enforcement agency.

A list of state contacts for the SIP grants is attached.

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Office of Refugee Resettlement
Formula Refugee Social Services Funds
$3 Million Set-Aside for Healthy Family Formation in FY 02

* $3 million will be awarded to States to provide grants to refugee service providers and churches that serve refugee communities.

* Announcement in the Federal Register appeared on July 8, 2002.  There is no closing date.  Web Site:

* These funds will provide orientation, education, and counseling services that help maintain healthy marriages, promote responsible fatherhood, and secure the well-being of families in the refugee community.

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Children�s Bureau
Safe and Stables Families Program

For the first time in fiscal year '02, states can use monies from the safe and stable program to support healthy marriage. These programs can include:

-  Training
-  Vouchers
-  Material Distribution
-  Community Marriage Initiatives
-  Events
-  Programs for Newlyweds
-  Parenting Programs
-  Research and Data Collection
-  Intake and Assessment
-  Internet
- Youth

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SPRANS Community-Based Abstinence Education Grant Program

* Application guidelines for the FY '03 SPRANS grants are scheduled to be posted in November.  In the meantime, the guidance for the FY 02 grants, which have been awarded, can be consulted for general information.

Please see

* The Maternal and Child Health Bureau at HRSA administers this program, which supports public and private groups that develop abstinence education programs for adolescents in communities around the country.

* This program uses the Title V State program's definition of abstinence education which stresses the message for teens must be abstinence until marriage, and that this message cannot be diluted with other messages (e.g., not abstinence first or abstinence plus).

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