FOOB Marriage and Family Education Programs

(FOOB = Free Online Out-of-the-Box Program)

These programs are FREE and available On-line.
Download them and start teaching them right "Out of the Box" – no training needed.

The program creators will present 90-min workshops at the Smart Marriages
Conference in Orlando. Attend to learn how best to teach the programs, adapt
them to your setting or particular populations, recruit, fund, etc.

If you're at all concerned about their value – the old "you get what
you pay for" adage – realize that these curricula were developed by our country's
top-notch experts and researchers at our top universities with our tax-dollars.
So, it's true, there's no such thing as a free just paid in advance on April 15th.

Click on the program title links for more information and to download the programs -
usually in pdf format. We suggest that you do this in advance and study up if you plan
to attend the workshops.

Marriage Education Online – Expanding Our Reach
At the Crossroad - Alan Hawkins, PhD, Brian
Higginbotham, PhD, Tamara Fackrell, JD - FOOB
This FREE intervention helps couples evaluate
the possibility of repairing their marriage even
after they've filed for divorce.

The Marriage Garden – FOOB
Wallace Goddard, PhD, James Marshall, PhD
Easy to teach, innovative, flexible, FREE
curriculum based on new discoveries in positive
psychology. Includes 6 lessons and supporting



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