The Coalition for Marriage Family and Couples Education
                                            Third Annual Conference

            Smart Marriages®
                        July 1-4, 1999/Washington, DC

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For Immediate Release:

The Good News: On April 29, 1999, The Wall Street Journal reported that a
long-term first marriage is a new status symbol.

The Bad News: It's reached this status because it's seen as nearly impossible
to achieve.  We’ve had a 50% divorce rate for 30 years!
The Good News: All the surveys report that Americans still say that a happy
marriage is their number-one goal and that 85-90% of us are still getting married.....
at least once.  In spite of the horrible odds.

The Bad News: The divorce rate for those marrying for the first time in 1999 is
STILL predicted to be 50%.  Some say it will be even higher because
children-of-divorce are themselves more likely to divorce.  And, sadly, the break-up
rate is at least 10% higher for remarriages.  We don’t learn from our mistakes.
The Good News: Research shows that marriage benefits everyone involved - men,
women, children, and society.  The married are healthier, wealthier, more successful
on all measures, and even have better sex.

The Bad News: We’re still operating on the mythology perpetrated in the '70s that
marriage is good for men but not for women.  That children do just as well in
divorced, single parent, and step-families as they do in intact first marriages.  This is
simply not true.
The Good News: New research has established what it takes to have a satisfying,
successful marriage.  Even better, a whole new "educational" approach translates this
research into courses that teach couples how to divorce-proof their marriages.

The Bad News: Almost no one is aware of this research -- or the effective, affordable
new courses.
The Good News: The annual Smart Marriages conference gathers top marriage experts --
researchers, policy makers, and educators -- from across the country and around the
world to present the radical new, optimistic approaches which can help couples achieve
the satisfying "status symbol" marriage of their dreams.

The Bad News:  If enough journalists join us, this should be the beginning of the end
of the bad news!

®Copyright.  All rights reserved, CMFCE .

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