Smart Marriages/Happy Families
June 23 - 26, 2005 in Dallas

All the top marriage experts under one big tent presenting their latest
solutions, ideas and research.  Plus the whole continuum of "marriage
education" programs -- your chance to sit in on classes and sample them all
in one spot.

"What's Math Got to Do With It?" -- John Gottman (as featured in the
bestseller, "Blink") presents the latest from his Love Lab. And, what could
be more romantic than understanding what makes love tick and HOW to keep it
all 'adding up'?  - Keynote, Fri, June 24

"Just around the bend, about to hit us in the face." -- Terry Hargrave
outlines the #1 challenge facing marriages in the coming decade. Don't say
we didn't warn you.  - Keynote, Thurs, June 23

"If -- IF -- we can make it work, it's very GOOD for us." -- 5 years later,
Linda Waite presents updates on the "Case for Marriage" evidence including
her latest data on surprising, long-term, slow-burn effects of divorce on chronic
illness -- health effects that don't show up till years later.  And, she'll present
 new data on the importance of the QUALITY of marriage -- of first marriages
(of course), but, especially, of remarriages.  And, she'll explain new findings
on the effects on health/mental health/quality of marriage that are correlated
with "who lives in the house WITH the married couple".  This last will provide
a perfect segue to Terry Hargrave's keynote on "THE CHALLENGE OF THE
DECADE".  All of which will also prime you for the sessions that will follow
that focus on creating collaborations between physical health care providers
and marriage educators.  - Keynote, Thurs, June 23, 6:30pm

"$1.5 Billion of marriage-strengthening money. How can we help the feds get
the biggest bang for the new marriage bucks?" We'll explore the programs
likely to have the greatest reach. In Prisons -- "Doing Time" by Howard
Markman. On Campus -- "The Next Marrying Generation" by Linda Malone-Colon.
In Welfare Programs -- "Love, Poverty and Marriage" by Scott Stanley, Kathy
Edin, George Young, and Marline Pearson.  In Congregations -- "Let's Talk
About Weddings" by Bill Doherty.  Strengthening Marriage in the Workplace
and in Health Care -- by Jana Staton and Tim Gardner.  With so many focused
on this challenge there will be a long list of solutions.

We'll also explore the latest wisdom and research on the heart-and-soul
issues like Commitment, Money, Monogamy, New Babies, Laughter and Play --
even, Diet.

John Gray will present the Mars/Venus Makeover that tweaks our brains to
better 'synch-up'. - Keynote, Sat, June 25

Pat Love offers strategies for making Monogamy -- Hot!- Keynote, Sat, June

Frank Pittman offers provocative notions to outflank the #1 conflict issue
in "Love and Money" in a Sat keynote followed with a 90-minute workshop on
"Affairproofing Marriage" and sex, he goes where angels fear to

Scott Stanley will decode the mystery about why men "do" Commitment so
differently than women.  This could also be described as a guide for single
women: "Gaining Power through Finally Understanding Men and Commitment."  He
also applies this knowledge in a two-day intensive for Low Income
Individuals -- teaches single mothers on welfare how to create solid,
stable, safe relationships (or end them) with the men in their lives.

We'll explore a raft (no pun intended) of programs to get men involved
including "Wildlife Skills for Marriage" and "Corralling the Stallion" and
"Secrets of Happily Married Men"...and we'll spend an evening with the primo
program for reaching men: "Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage" that talks
turkey about masturbation and porn, internet sex and affairs, and gets the
highest approval ratings from males.

We'll look at programs for stepfamilies, singles, African Americans,
soldiers, Latinos, substance abusers, "Lazy Husbands", domestic violence,
alternative couples, in-laws, mixed matches, mentors, internet sex, the
unforgiven, children of divorce, humility, legislators, money 'habitudes',
empty nesters and marriage at the movies.....

There are dozens of programs -- PAIRS, PREP, 7 Habits, Imago, Hot Monogamy,
How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk, Divorce Busting -- dozens and dozens that
cover  the bases from high school and dating -- through engaged to newlyweds
and becoming parents -- to marriages facing deep challenges.  All based on
research and on the premise that this is not rocket science, and not a game
of chance or about getting lucky in love, but that we can all learn how to
be smarter at marriage.  And, all based on the premise that this has to be
affordable and easy-to-teach.

I encourage you to join us. As our guest.  Notice
that we have great rates ($79) at the elegant Adams Mark Hotel in downtown
Dallas.  If you can't make it to Dallas, use the brochure as a
mini-catalogue and contact me to set up interviews with any of the 200
presenters.  If you'd like me to also mail you a printed copy of the
brochure, just email me your address.

Diane Sollee, Director  
Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, LLC (CMFCE)
Washington, DC 20015

9th Annual Smart Marriages Conference, Adam's Mark Dallas June 23 - 26, 2005
Pre and Post Conference Training Institutes June 21 - 29
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