Infidelity -
Expert Advice from Shirley Glass, PhD from her keynote speech
at the annual Smart Marriages conference.

- Affairs are less about love and more about boundaries.  Affairs can happen in good marriages.

- The major attraction in an affair is NOT the love partner but the positive mirroring of the self --
"the way I look when I see myself in the other person's eyes."

- The conventional wisdom is that the person having an affair isn't "getting enough" at home.
The truth is, the person isn't giving enough.

- Most affair relationships are far more equitable than the marriages they violate.

- One of the greatest threats to marriage today is the child-centered family.

- When women have affairs, it is much more often a result of a long-term marital dissatisfaction --
and the marriages are much harder to repair.

- People often try to justify an affair by rewriting the marital history.  They'll say, "I never really loved you."

- Most people think that talking about the affair with the spouse will only create more upset,
but that is actually the way to rebuild intimacy.

- The single best indicator of whether a relationship can survive infidelity is how much
empathy the unfaithful partner shows for the pain they have caused when the betrayed
spouse gets emotional and starts "acting crazy."

- Oral sex counts.  It is infidelity.

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For a Dr Glass article on infidelity click here.

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