1) March 2001: Bill. Died in committee. House bill HF599 introduced in March 2001, would
establish premarital education that, if completed, would lower the cost of a
marriage license application from $70 to $5. Source:

(2) 2002 Bill. SF2106 and SA5093. Unsuccessful.  The bill would encourage pre-marital
education by lowering the marriage license fee for those that get pre-marital
education/counseling and raising the fees and lengthening the waiting period
to 30 days for those that choose not to get education/counseling. The current
marriage license: $35 fee/3 day wait. Proposed license with premarital
education/counseling: $20/3-day wait. Proposed marriage license without
education/counseling: $50 /30 days wait. Source: http://www.legis.state.ia.us/
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