Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
Mark Laaser, PhD

The primary focus of this one-day Institute is to help counselors, therapists and
lay educators to 1) recognize sex addition and 2) understand how to help individuals and couples
struggling with the life and relationship complications of sexual addiction. While
the program comes from a faith-based approach, the psychological principles are
based on the most advanced treatment approaches available. The core content will
focus on recognizing the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction which are often
masked by other issues, including other addictions. There is great hope for those
who are willing to work hard and take their recovery seriously but a successful
recovery plan must take into consideration multiple factors and must include
cognitive and behavioral work. Material will be included for the special challenge of
working with couples that experience this addiction. The spouses of addicts are often
ignored – or avoided. They are a wounded, suspicious and angry population - recovery
must include giving them the confidence and hope to do the hard work of looking at
themselves and commiting to work on the marriage.

This Institute can be used toward qualification to be certified as a Certified Sex Addiction
Specialist (CCAS) with the American Association of Christian Counselors. Information
will be provided about that process. Participation will also qualify you for special discounts
on video training worth an aditional 30 hours of CEU credit. This 5-DVD series, Freedom
Begins Here - The Diagnosis & Treatment of Sexual Addiction
. can also be used toward
CCAS certification and to teach individuals, couples or other therapists or educators the
principles of recovery.

Participants will receive:
• A copy of the book Healing the Wounds of Sex Addiction.
• A copy of the workbook The L.I.F.E. Guide
• Various handouts
• A sample DVD of the training CEU series

Topics will include:
• Diagnostic criteria for sex addiction
• Diagnostic testing methods including the use of brain scan technology
• Multiple causes of sex addiction
• Examples of sex addiction
• Accountability
• The Spiritual Dimension
• Recovery strategies: Behavioral, Relational, Medical, and Emotional
• Challenges and strategies for working with couples

Mark Laaser, PhD is an internationally published author. He has worked with the pioneers
in the field of sex addiction since 1988 and is considered one of the treatment leaders. He speaks
and teaches at workshops, universities, and treatment centers around the world. He has written
or co-written 8 books. Dr. Laaser is the president of Faithful and True Ministries. He and his
wife, Deb, run an outpatient treatment clinic in Minneapolis dedicated to working with individuals
and couples who struggle with sex addiction.

Email: mlaaser@faithfulandtrueministries.com
(952) 746-3882

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

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