These sessions will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
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> P-5 Saturday, July 10, 8:30am
> Porn Addiction
> Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
> Pornography, particularly on the Internet, is an epidemic that is destroying
> lives and marriages.  Understand the factors that can lead to pornography
> becoming an addiction; and strategies to help couples recover and to prevent
> relapse.

> 911 One Day - Monday, July 12
> Working with Couples and Sexual Addiction
> Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
> Learn crucial tools for working with couples that are dealing with the pain of
> sexual addiction. Recognize the symptoms and develop a recovery plan for the
> addict, spouse and couple. $50 spouse discount. Click for more
> information:

> 507- Saturday, July 10
> Internet Sex Addiction
> Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
> Porn, the #1 seller on the internet, has become
> extremely damaging to marriage. Learn to
> recognize the symptoms and to prevent and
> help overcome addiction to internet sex.

> 815 - Sunday, July 11
> The Seven Desires of Every Heart
> Debbie and Mark Laaser, PhD, MDiv
> All couple problems can be traced to unmet
> desires of the heart. Understand the 7 desires
> in terms of Satir’s Iceberg Model and learn to
> use them to reach deeper spiritual connection
> & intimacy