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Mentoring Programs:

Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment (ACME)
An international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that promotes better marriages
by providing enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen couple relationships
and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family wellness.  ACME trains and
certifies lay leader mentor couples for retreats, workshops, and marriage enrichment groups.
Topics include premarital preparation, communication skills, conflict resolution, sexuality
and others.  Resources for individual couples, small groups, and workshops are available.
For materials, listings of local chapters, events, and more information, call ACME or visit
our website.
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
800-634-8325 or 336-724-1526

Before “I Do” – The Full Marriage Experience
Pre-marital program for churches, community initiatives, small groups, and mentor couples. 
Works for long-distance couples.  Use program solo or with inventories. Interactive
workbook blends practical insights, Scriptural principles, and relationship skills.  Eight
sections: conflict resolution, sex, finances, goals, faith, more.  Website provides information
links and resources to go deeper.  Program providers receive free online promotion, ministry
consultation, marketing tips, more.  No training necessary.  Multi-book discounts start at two books. 

Turn the Tide Resource Group
K. Jason Krafsky
Maple Valley, Washington - WA

Caring Couples Network (CCN)
CCN is composed of married couples, pastors, and professional consultants
organized as teams in local churches to provide services to couples and families.
Teams arrange for mentoring, friendship, enrichment events, support and other
resources for engaged and marriage couples, parents, and couples and families
in distress. CCN is an ecumenical ministry initiated by the General Board of
Discipleship of the United Methodist Church. Order the CCN handbook,
videos, and related materials at 800-685-4370, fax 770-442-9742, or For additional information contact:
Family Ministries General Board of Discipleship
Nashville, Tennessee

Center for the Family at Pepperdine University
Dennis Lowe, PhD; Sara Jackson, MA, CFLE; Emily Scott-Lowe, PhD, CFLE;
Sheila Bost, MA, CFLE   We offer: 1) a wide-range of seminars for couples, parents,
and families in church and community settings, 2) workshops to train family educators in
programs such as PREP, CPREP, Marriage Mentoring, Active Parenting, &
REPARE/ENRICH,  3) partnerships with churches to assist in their marriage
and family ministry efforts.  Find up-to-date information about our events
and activities by visiting our website.
Pepperdine University
Malibu, California 

Center for Relationship Development, Seattle, Washington
Les and Leslie Parrott, PhDs focus on solving relationship problems
before they begin.  Books, seminars nationwide for married/singles, including
When Bad Things Happen to Good Marriages, Saving Your Marriage
Before It Starts, Relationships, Becoming Soul Mates, Marriage
Mentoring and The Love List. Those wanting to make a bad relationship
better or a good relationship great will benefit from their seminars. The fun-filled
day will provide fresh insight and new strategies for lifelong love. Seminars are
conducted in cooperation with local churches and other organizations. Featured
on national media.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.

Better Togethe r/Cleveland
This non-profit, inter-religious organization of clergy, mental health
professionals and individuals in Cleveland, Ohio, is dedicated to
strengthening marriage through training professionals to provide
communication skills to engaged and married couples. We train clergy
and educators to use PREPARE/ENRICH Inventories. For congregations,
we teach and support Mentor Couples Programs and Stepfamily Couples
Programs. We encourage the public to value marriage through a media
campaign.  In Greater Cleveland, we are a referral center for PREP,
Marriage Encounter and Retrouvaille.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
Anita Armstrong, Executive Director

The Marriage Course
This Christian, video- and skills-based, mentor-presented course is
easy-to-teach and wildly popular with couples and congregations. The
courses "fill themselves" through word-of-mouth customer satisfaction.
Format includes dinner, videos and exercises. Marriage Preparation version also
available. Created by Nicky and Sila Lee at Holy Trinity Brompton - the
London church that started the Alpha Course. Contact for locations and
information on how to start a course in your congregation.
Presented at the Smart Marriages Conferences.

The Marriage Enrichment Weekend Program, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening marriage through a
spiritual, experiential-based process that places God at the center.  This
parish/congregation-based program fosters commitment and growth, develops
leadership, promotes mutual support and builds community.  Four ministries
available in English and Spanish: a "Weekend" and a "Retreat" for married
couples; "Engaged Enrichment" for engaged couples; and ongoing "Renewal"
follow-up seminars. Materials, training and workshops available for presentation
by couple teams. Well-established in New Mexico, California and Texas, and expanding.
Ralph Johnson, President
Box 94026
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199-4026
505-821-1571 or 505-884-8250

Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations for a Healthy, Happy Marriage
A breakthrough, innovative, proactive program that brings marriage mentoring
into the lives of everyday couples who have much to learn from one another. It
is elegantly simple--and powerful for building communities and churches that
value marriage. Guided yet informal conversations allow couples to share their
wisdom and encouragement with one another through the stories of their marriages.
The leadership training kit with DVD instruction makes this an ideal marriage
mentoring program for faith-based or secular settings to teach right out of the box.
A military version is available.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
Ed Gray. LMFT
Web: http://

Marriage Preparation Resources - Rev Robert Ruhnke
For Better and For Ever, a marriage preparation program for churches
&/or couples. Workbook covers: Family of Origin, Finances, Spirituality,
Cohabitation, Mixed Faiths, Blended Families, etc. Dating couples use it to
judge readiness for Christian marriage. Engaged use it to prepare for sessions
with Pastor and/or Sponsor/Mentor couples. Catholic Edition - English & Spanish,
Christian Edition in English. Website for Training dates or to order
DVD/Video mentor program - no training required.
Presenting at the Smart Marriages Conference.
Free On-line assistance to individuals/couples.
1617 Iowa Street
San Antonio Texas 78203

Marriage Savers & Community Marriage Policies
Has helped cut divorce rates in dozens of the 190+ cities where clergy adopted
a Community Marriage Policy that calls for rigorous marriage preparation and
training Mentor Couples to help couples prepare for life-long marriage,
strengthen existing marriages and save troubled marriages.
Training Institute at the Smart Marriages Conference.
Mike McManus
9311 Harrington Dr
Potomac, Maryland 20854

Healthy Marriages Grand Rapids (HMGR)
Serves to strengthen marriages and support children through programs
of prevention, education, and research. HMGR encourages long courtships,
promotes chastity outside of marriage,encourages a premarital process and
marriage enrichment, and trains mature couples as marriage mentors.  This
is accomplished with the assistance of community leaders from the Clergy, Business,
Health/Mental Health, African American Clergy, Legal/Judicial, Education,
and Media sectors. Leadership trainings and certification programs are
targeted to those who impact lives and marriages.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
Senator Bill Hardiman, Chair HMGR
Mark Eastburg, PhD, Vice-Chair HMGR
Grand Rapids, Michigan

PREPARE/ENRICH Marriage Mentor Package (PMMP)
David Olson, PhD & Peter Larson, PhD
The PMMP uses the PREPARE/ENRICH Inventory with six couple
feedback sessions for premarital couples and 4 sessions for newlyweds.
Also included are two books: Empowering Couples (Olson & Olson) and
10 Great Dates Before You Say "I Do" (Brown and Arp, 2003). The
program includes a Marriage Mentor Manual and a Supervisor’s Manual.
The supervisor needs to be trained in PREPARE/ENRICH and they can
train the Marriage Mentors.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
Life Innovations

Reconciling God’s Way
You've tried everything to avoid divorce and save your marriage--why
not give God a chance? This workbook and ministry promises hope, mentor
support, and tools to save marriages--even if only one spouse wants reconciliation!
The twelve-week leader's guide equips pastors and lay leaders.
Joe and Michelle Williams

RETROUVAILLE- "means rediscovery and rhymes with apple pie."
A program for couples with serious problems who are distant, cold, disillusioned,
separated and/or who have experienced affairs, alcoholism, gambling, violence, etc.
-- where trained, volunteer mentor couples who have "been to the brink" teach others how to
heal their own marriages to make them stronger than ever before. This successful
program (85% when both partners work at it) teaches simple techniques of communication,
and works on forgiveness, healing, and restoration of trust. The program begins with a
weekend away and includes 12 follow-up meetings over three months. These are not
spiritual retreats, sensitivity groups, seminars or social gatherings - there are no counselors
involved and you don't have to say anything in front of anyone else. Couples discuss
the topics and practice skills in privacy. Blank-envelope-donation system.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
To find a program in your area call the 800 number or click here:

The Third Option
This ongoing marriage enrichment/marriage crisis group program uses a drop-in
format, skill building and sharing by mentor couples who have overcome difficulties.
Self-contained manual & videos make the program easy to implement
in your church or community - no training required. For couples or
individuals at any stage from engaged to long-married.
Smart Marriages ConferencePresentation.
Pat Ennis, MSW
1342 Lancaster Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13210

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