> The Michigan legislature passed the following resolution today, February 12,
> 2004. The senate called it "A resolution supporting President George W.
> Bush's Healthy Marriage Initiative." The House called it "A resolution
> recognizing February 7-14 as Marriage Week USA."  - Dan Jarvis

(And, mind you, this is the same week in which the Michigan legislature introduced an 8-bill marriage strengthening package in both houses. - diane)

Michigan Healthy Marriage/Marriage Week Resolution:

Whereas marriage, one of our most fundamental institutions, strengthens our
society when two people enter a mutual lifelong agreement to support each
other in sickness, difficult financial times and old age, and;

Whereas marriage enriches the couple, their children and the community
around them
by providing opportunities to extend love, support, understanding an mutual
cooperation, and;

Whereas, couples and children blessed with healthy marriages tend to engage
in less risky behavior, enjoy better physical and mental health, be more
financially secure, and attain higher levels of education and employment,

Whereas, President George W. Bush has announced a Healthy Marriage
Initiative to highlight programs teaching marriage skills and education, to
promote marriage mentoring and enrichment programs, to reduce disincentives
to marriage, and to promote the value of marriage to our culture, and;

Whereas, because the President launched the Healthy Marriage Initiative, the
Michigan House of Representatives and the Michigan Senate appropriated
$750,000 to fund a marriage initiative in Michigan, and;

Whereas marriage is both a personal, private relationship and a public
commitment licensed by the state of Michigan, and;

Whereas, many of the expenditures by the state are closely tied to people
harmed by failed or never formed marriages and any long-term strategy for
reducing dependency on state social services and ensuring economic growth
must include a strategy for encouraging healthy marriages, and;

Whereas, February 7-14 is being celebrated throughout the nation as Marriage
Week USA;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Michigan House of Representatives calls
on the President of the United States, elected officials at every level and
citizens of all walks of life to determine during Marriage Week USA, and
particularly on Valentine's Day, to consider ways that they can strengthen
their own marriages and support the marriages of others throughout the state
of Michigan and across the country.

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