Money Habitudes: The Basics and Beyond
Full-day Institute Training with Syble Solomon

Why you should attend:
The truth is that money – the actual dollar amount – is not the #1 cause of conflict in marriage, it's what money represents: power, control, love, freedom, success, security, etc. These, and many other emotional issues make money discussions one of the toughest communication challenges faced by humans. The Money Habitudes card deck and program was created to help couples gain understanding and mastery of this tricky, slippery slope. 

For today’s couples, money issues have only intensified as they struggle to adjust to the new financial realities – reductions in income and savings; job loss; supporting extended family members; shifts in earner roles. In these times and for these couples, relationship and marriage programs have an obligation to address the elephant on the mantel - money. Most marriage and relationship programs avoid the issue. Some few introduce financial skills such as budgeting, investing and financial planning. What couples need is a way to communicate about money – they can’t afford to ignore it.  We need to give them the confidence that they can talk about money without destroying their relationship. The Money Habitude card deck and program were created to do just that – to quickly give a couple insights into their learned attitudes and values and to move forward together, calmly, with insight and understanding (and often delight and humor) to reach more workable and productive money solutions. 


This training will go beyond how to use the cards (which is very easy) to learning 1) how to adapt the cards to different group situations and populations, 2) activities to expand the program to an eight-hour class for added depth, and 3) marketing suggestions.  Anyone working with individuals or couples who is already using Money Habitudes will be able to get more out of the interpretation of the cards and to move further/deeper faster.  


The Money Habitudes program can work as a stand-alone course, or you can add all or parts of it to ANY marriage or relationship program you are teaching. 

Who should attend?
Therapists, counselors, coaches, clergy, chaplains, teachers, youth workers, lay or mentor marriage and relationship educators – anyone who works with individuals, couples or groups who would like to know how to help people comfortably and productively talk about money should attend. No special professional training is required to use the materials or offer the program. There are no pre-requisites to attending the Institute. Even if you don’t plan to teach Money Habitudes, you are encouraged to attend to improve your own financial literacy and relationships.

What you will receive:
·      Receive a Certificate of Completion of the Money Habitudes program.
·      Be included on a list for referrals on the Money Habitudes website.
·      Receive two decks of cards, a professional guide, and a couple’s guide.
·      Be eligible for a special discounts on future orders.

Syble Solomon developed Money Habitudes based on research in relationships, psychology, finance and behavioral economics, extensive testing by focus groups, and reviews by professionals in both financial and counseling/coaching fields.

Since being introduced in 2003 the program has been used by the Military, Faith-based programs, Community Action Programs, Head Start, Fatherhood Initiatives, Cooperative Extension programs, Consumer Credit and Bankruptcy educators, Universities and financial and counseling practitioners in private practice.  They are used throughout the US and Canada and in more than forty other countries and with people at all income levels.  After the format proved popular with youth, new editions were developed for teens and young adults (18-25) and are being used in programs on relationships, financial literacy and life skills in high schools, youth organizations, colleges, leadership programs and the military. Cards are also available in Spanish.
Get ready for a full day of hands-on activities using the cards and the new professional guide.
The morning will focus on using the cards with individuals and couples using case studies, role plays and discussion.  You will leave knowing how to quickly help couples use and understand the cards and move  into productive conversations.

The afternoon will be focused on groups and will include activities and tips to adapt the cards to different types and sizes of groups with different goals.  You will leave with ideas to use the cards in different ways for different time frames, including the eight-hour class, and you will have the information to market your program more effectively.
About Syble Solomon
Syble is the creator of Money Habitudes and an international speaker/trainer on the psychology of money.  She has been an educator, an executive coach affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadeship, and is the founder/ president of LifeWise, a coaching and training company.  Her presentations and training programs have reached thousands of people in the US and Canada and internationally.  She was honored as the M.E. Edmondson Educator of the Year Award by the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education and received recognition for her graduate course Planning for the Third Age by the Association of Gerontology in Higher Education. Syble has been an adjunct faculty member at University of Nevada, Reno, Teikyo Post University, Southern Connecticut State University and University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Money Habitudes received the Smart Marriages 2009 Impact Award and the Money Habitudes keynote and workshop were both rated in the top 10 among 180 sessions! This Institute will be even better with more time to address questions and provide the information that makes a great, easy tool even more effective and in many different settings.  
Attending Partner Discount: $50

For more information about Money Habitudes or the Institute:

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910-399-2200 (NC) or toll free 888-833-4331

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

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