Feb 20, 2007
OKLAHOMA CITY An Oklahoma lawmaker hopes his colleagues can be persuaded to adopt a measure that Arkansas did in 2001, giving people the option of entering into a "covenant marriage" that is more difficult to get out of.
State Representative John Wright of Broken Arrow says he hopes to reduce the state's high divorce rate with his proposal.

The voluntary form of marriage proposed by Wright would ban incompatibility as grounds for divorce, and require a couple to attend marriage counseling at least 15 days before their wedding. Wright said the new marriage option would lead to a higher level of commitment between partners -- and fewer divorces. He said couples would choose a covenant marriage as a way to hold themselves up to a higher standard of working through problems without considering divorce first.

The Oklahoma House approved the measure today on a 93-to-7 vote and sent it to the Senate, where similar covenant marriage bills have died in the past.

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