The New Customized Version of PREPARE/ENRICH

The Customized Version of PREPARE/ENRICH (6th Version) has just been released (January 2009) and is the most advanced couple assessment tool available. The online format automatically customizes itself to fit the unique stage and structure of each couple’s relationship. New features include: over 100 customized scales; Couple’s Workbook with over 20 feedback exercises; revised Facilitator Report; Couple’s Report designed for couples to keep; and new Personality Scales, a Stress Profile, and a Commitment section included with every inventory.

This 1-Day Certification Workshop qualifies you to:
(1) Administer, Interpret and provide Feedback on the PREPARE/ENRICH
(2) Use the Couple’s Workbook with premarital and married couples in teaching
      relationship skills building exercises
(3) Become part of our National and International Referral Network, joining over
     70,000 counselors, clergy, marriage educators, and mentor couples in the
     United States.

Every participant receives the PREPARE/ENRICH Resource Kit which includes:
(1)     2 Training DVDs with twelve teaching segments and sample couple exercises
(2)     CD based Facilitator’s Manual
(3)     Sample Facilitator’s Report
(4)     Sample Couple’s Report
(5)     Resource Guide with training outlines
(6)     Couple’s Workbook with over 20 feedback exercises
(7)     Complimentary online scoring credited to your account

PREPARE Program Highly Successful 

National Study Demonstrates the Value of the PREPARE Program with
Premarital Couples in Church/Community Settings

This study evaluated the effectiveness of the PREPARE Program (Version 2000) with
153 premarital couples in three groups: the PREPARE Program Group, the PREPARE
No Feedback Group (only took PREPARE Inventory and received no feedback) and a
Control Group.

On the Couple Satisfaction Scale, both of the PREPARE Groups significantly increased
their satisfaction, while there was no change in the Control Group. Both PREPARE Groups made improvements in several important relationship skills (communication & conflict resolution) and relationship areas (roles, couple closeness & flexibility).

Significant changes were made in the couple types only in the PREPARE Program
group and not the PREPARE No Feedback group, which demonstrates the value of the
couple exercises and feedback sessions with a trained facilitator.

In the PREPARE Program group, the number of Vitalized couples (the most satisfied type) increased by 52% from pre to post-test. Over half (55%) of the three other couple types (Harmonious, Conventional, and Conflicted) improved their couple type one or more levels, demonstrating more functional relationships.  For the highest risk couples, the Conflicted types, 83% moved to a more positive couple type.

Overall, the PREPARE Program had a significant impact on 90% of the couples. Therefore, this study demonstrates that the PREPARE Program improves couple satisfaction and functioning, which will better prepare premarital couples for the challenges of marriage.

For more information go to: and click on “Research”

Peter J. Larson, Ph.D., LP
Vice President
Life Innovations, Inc.
651.635.0511 office

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