The "how to" create-and-sustain-community-marriage-initiatives
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presenters generously share their ideas for getting started
and building momentum.  If you're working in the trenches, order
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756-418 ****
Marketing Chattanooga Style
Julie Baumgardner, MS
Learn strategies that use both paid and free advertising
to get out the message about marriage, fathering and
abstinence and increase participation in community
marriage events and classes.

754-P10 Keynote on DVD, CD, MP3****
Marriage Rally: Passion, Programs, Possibilities, Plans
Dennis Stoica, MBA, Julie Baumgardner, MS, CFLE, Nisa Muhammad,
Jennifer Baker, PsyD, MFT, Rev Dion Evans, MA
Learn what people across the country are doing to strengthen
marriage and in this interactive session create your own action plan to
implement the most important principles you have learned at the Smart Marriages

756-P3 Keynote; on DVD, CD, MP3****
Dennis Stoica, Carolyn Curtis, Patty Howell: Ready, Set, Go!
California is combining Marriage Education’s “best practices” in a
comprehensive state-wide marriage-strengthening initiative and will, as they
say, hit the ground running.  Their initiative will include: Community
Marriage Policies, Resource websites, Local Training of Trainers, Mentor
Couples, "Stadium" Events, marketing & media, evaluation, adaptations for
ethnic groups, grant-writing Boot Camps, out-of-the box programs, and Etc!
Learn how you can duplicate this template in your state, county, or

756-817 – Marriage Rally: Teach In ****
Transforming Communities Grassroots Style
Julie Baumgardner, MA, Bill Seabrook, MS,
Nisa Muhammad, Jennifer Baker, PsyD, MFT
Learn what communities across the country are
doing to strengthen marriage and how you can
follow their lead. Brainstorm about opportunities
– free media, the web, funding, volunteers, creating buy-in
- and how to avoid the stumbling blocks.

Harness the Internet: Marriage Resource Centers
Dennis Stoica, MBA
Learn to build a website for your marriage project
or Community Marriage Resource Center. Increase
access to local marriage programs. Includes FREE
templates and instructions.

Grant Writing 101
Dennis Stoica, MBA, Bill Coffin, MEd
Understand the fine points of grant writing in order
to qualify for government and private foundation
marriage money.

Ready, Set, Go!
Dennis Stoica, MBA, Carolyn Curtis, PhD,
Patty Howell, EdM
Starting from scratch, we’ll help you evaluate your
resources and create an action plan for starting an
outrageously good community marriage project in
your city, county or state.

756-P1 Keynote; on DVD, CD, MP3

Wade Horn: Marriage and Public Policy
Assistant Secretary for Children and Families/HHS
We've come a long way from asking if there is a role for the federal
government in promoting healthy marriages, to what should the
government do.  The President's point-man on marriage will
discuss how the $100 million a year allocated by Congress
will help couples choosing marriage get the tools and skills they
need to form and sustain healthy marriages.

756-P4 Keynote; on DVD, CD, MP3
Diann Dawson, Frank Fuentes, Bill Coffin
"ACF Teach In: Nuts, Bolts & $100 Million a Year"
Ask your  questions about creating & funding a Community Marriage Initiative
in your region.

756 - 214
Domestic Violence and Marriage Education
Rob Scuka, PhD, Dennis Stoica, MBA
Learn to distinguish levels of domestic violence and to
use Relationship Enhancement (RE) skills preventively
and remedially as part of any marriage education program.

Building Strong Families
Robin Dion, MA, Pam Wilson, MSW
Learn what it takes to engage low-income, unmarried
couples - “fragile families”- in a marriage skills program
and keep them coming! Plus free modules to add to any program.

Strengthening Marriage in the Black Community
Nisa Muhammad, Rozario Slack, DMin, Curtis Watkins, Carlis Williams, MA
Black Marriage Day, Marriage Development Accounts,
getting denominations on board, special curricula – come
brainstorm ideas for revitalizing marriage in the Black community.

Research and Evaluation: The Basics
Scott Gardner, PhD, Rita DeMaria, PhD
Anyone doing marriage education should be tracking
results and measuring outcome. Learn the basic tools
and concepts you need to get started.

Caring for My Family  - MINI
Karen Shirer, PhD, Erika London, MA
This FREE skill-based program helps low-resource,
unmarried expectant and new parents set goals and
assess what’s best for them and their child regarding
marriage or ongoing father involvement.

Oklahoma: Laying the Tracks
Scott Stanley, PhD, George Young, DMin,
Theodora Ooms, MSW, Mary Myrick
Lessons from a multi-sector initiative that uses TANF
funds to strengthen marriage and reduce divorce. Training
models, evaluation, faith-based, domestic violence and schools.

Family Wellness: Skills for Fragile Families
George Doub, MDiv, Ana Morante, MFT
Teach skills to at-risk families - never-married, teen,
single parent, stepfamily, military, families with abuse
- to handle extraordinary challenges and move toward
ever greater stability.

Getting State Money: The 1% Solution
Chris Gersten, Krista Sisterhen, Mary Myrick
Learn how to access state marriage money – how
to open doors and build relationships with state
and federal elected and appointed officials.

Community Marriage Policies (CMPs)
Mike and Harriet McManus
Learn how you can organize a CMP with the clergy in your area and how to
recruit and train Mentor Couples who can cut divorce rates in any congregation
to near zero.

Talking with State Legislators and Officials about Marriage
Jack Tweedie, JD, PhD, Sen Bill Hardiman, John Crouch, JD

Learn to provide compelling information on the benefits and feasibility of
supporting marriage, what other states have accomplished and discuss new
legislative templates.

Tapping Into The Extension Network
Francesca Adler-Baeder, PhD, Barbara Petty, MS, Charlotte Olsen, PhD, Anna Mae
Kobbe, PhD
USDA Extension’s vast network of educators, researchers and
teach-right-out-of-the-box, highly affordable marriage programs stand ready to
help strengthen your community marriage efforts.

Strengthening Courthouse Weddings
Mark Eastburg, PhD
25% of U.S. couples marry in civil (courthouse) ceremonies and fall through
the cracks - miss out on marriage prep, and are at higher risk for divorce.
This program meets their special needs.

Marriage Strengthening  for Low-Income, Unmarried Parents
Better Together  - Judith Charlick, PhD, Krsnanandini Dasi, Tariq Ziyad
Successes and challenges of developing and implementing this 8-session skills program.
Family Connections – Francesca Adler-Baeder, PhD, Alicia Luckie, MS
Lessons learned in one of the first federally-funded pilot projects teaching skills to
unmarried parents. Curriculum, implementation and evaluation.

Building Capacity
Julie Baumgardner, MS, Rozario Slack, MDiv,
Sandra Bender, PhD, Mark Eastburg, PhD
Learn strategies used in Chattanooga, Cleveland, and Grand
Rapids to build coalitions across sectors to create readiness
for implementing the President’s Healthy Marriage Initiative.

The Michigan Mediation Project
Hon James Sheridan, JD, MBA, Hon Helen Brown, JD,
Stan Posthumus, JD, MSW
Seven counties are working to reduce conflict and litigation
surrounding divorce using a new mediation model that also
holds out the possibility of reconciliation. Learn how they
created this coalition and how to replicate it in your state.


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