These sessions will be recorded live at the
14th Annual 2010 Smart Marriages Conference and will be available on
DVD, CD or MP3 downloads at 800-241-7785 or at

Audio: CD or MP3/Ipod downloads $15.95 each.
Video DVDs are available of all Keynote sessions
- $29.95

P-5 Saturday, July 10, 8:30am
Love in the Time of Twitter
Pat Love, EdD
When is tweeting cheating? When is texting sexting? To safeguard your
marriage you've got to know the risks and rules of cyberspace. It's all in
your mind – until it isn't. Come learn how to "mind your marriage" and use
the new social medium to strengthen, not strain your relationship.

Lunch-Thurs, July 8 - 11:45am-1:30pm
"Women: Why Marriage?!"
Pat Love, Nisa Muhammad, Helen LaKelly Hunt, and Patty Howell
Learn why Healthy Marriages should be the rallying cry for women's
empowerment and why Marriage Education is the needed breakthrough for women and girls – and for creating an enlightened society.

Hot Monogamy: The Sexy Brain
Pat Love, EdD
A sexy brain is not only the cure for the lazy libido but
it's all you need to create an exciting love life. Come
learn the basics – as well as the secrets of sexually
satisfied couples.
Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It!
Pat Love, EdD, Steven Stosny, PhD
Learn an approach that combines brain research
and a set of brief behaviors guaranteed to strengthen
marriage. Best of all, men can do it without feeling
they have to behave like women.
Mindful Marriage
Pat Love, EdD, Jon Carlson, PsyD
Learn to apply mindfulness techniques, practiced
for over 2500 years, as an add-on to marriage
counseling or education to increase awareness,
kindness, acceptance, and love.
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