This is in response to a request for advice about problems in drafting a premarital
agreement for a second marriage where children and money are the sticking points.p

Congratulations and good luck with your marriage.

We solve problems in our lives every day.  Mostly we do it without lawyers.  In
fact we can solve any problem if we know how to think and problem-solve
effectively.  Two heads ought to be better than one -- maybe that is why we get
married.  If you need a lawyer now you will need one if, God forbid, you ever
get divorced.

My thought is this, more a suggestion really.  For the sake of happiness and
success in your relationship, learn to think and problem-solve
together - communicate - before you get married.  Then, go together to one lawyer
and give her/him your instructions - how the pre-nup ought to look.  Or, get
several lawyers' advice - three heads are better than two.  Research on "really
good" marriages show that they can deal with emergencies and plan for the future
together�this is the first of MANY you will face - learn how.

There is no more powerful ability in life than the ability to think and
problem-solve effectively - communicate - together or alone, it is the path to
success and happiness in every relationship, parent, child, student, teacher,
young person, spouse, lover, employer, employee or human being.

Very truly yours
Stan Posthumus
Focused Mediation
(201) 348-6768

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