PREP: Winning in the Workplace: The PREP Approach for Business
Tim Gardner, MA, DMin, Jack Myrick
Present the proven methods of the PREP program in this new curriculum specifically
created to address the unique challenges of teaching relationship skills in the workplace.

Qualify to teach a cutting-edge program for workplace relationships.  Based upon the proven principles of PREP, Winning the Workplace Challenge is a comprehensive curriculum that has been created to specifically address the unique challenges of creating healthy relationships within the business environment.  $100 spouse discount

Experience has demonstrated that traditional relationship programs cannot be exported to the corporate world without significant adaptation to accommodate Best Practices of professional training.  The Winning the Workplace Challenge program was created from the combined experience of corporate trainers and the researchers at PREP (the premier, evidence-based marriage and relationship strengthening program).

There are no prerequisites or previous training required to take this workshop.

As a participant in this two-day workshop, you will:
•    Understand the unique aspects of the presenting Relationship Education in the business environment
•    Know what makes a Great Workplace that retains talent
•    Gain insights into the Spillover Effect of work-to-home and home-to-work relational health
•    Understand the role of Emotional Intelligence in relationships
•    Develop a cognitive framework for understanding why relationships succeed and fail
•    Explain the Amygdala Hijack and its impact
•    Understand and recognize Events, Issues, and Hidden Issues in relationships
•    Work with proven methods to adapt communication skills such as The Speaker/Listener Technique to workplace relationships
•    Understand how personality profiles can be used to teach respect and tolerance for different styles in the workplace
•    Describe the role of Expectations in all relationships
•    Recognize the role of Choices in relationships

This two-day training qualifies you to conduct Winning the Workplace Challenge workshops using the Winning curricula.  It does not qualify you to conduct other PREP programs such as PREP, CHRISTIAN PREP, WOR, or WMR.  Contact PREP ( for additional training requirements.

Participants will receive the core materials needed to teach the program: the Presenter’s Manual, one copy of the Participant Manual, and the PowerPoint.   Copies of the participant manual to be used in Winning workshops presented after you complete this training must be purchased separately.

Spouse discount: $100.

Comments from previous attendees:

“Professional; presenters had great experience with businesses.”

“Excellent presenters. Although I am very familiar with PREP and thought I might be bored, I was not. It was a very good day.”

“It was a great workshop.”

“Good stories and graphics.”

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