Active Relationships (AR) Military and Family Life Skills Training
Kelly Simpson, MA; Anthony Landry, MA (Ret. LTC)

The three-day intensive training will focus on military members and will also teach skills and tools from five additional programs for civilians.

This training equips & immediately certifies you to teach six programs including the comprehensive Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills curriculum for singles or couples and the new Active Families program for all family members aged 4 and up. This training also includes certification in the Active Adults “especially for fathers” program.

Practical elements will be covered to certify you immediately for these six programs:

Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills (mix and match 24 module program) for single or married troops;

Active Families (8-hour program for all family members aged 4 and up) -Military or Civilian editions available;

Active Choices (8-hour program for singles, dating or engaged couples!)

Active Marriage (8-12 hour program) for married adults,

Active Adults (12-24 sessions) for SINGLE adults, especially for FATHERS or MOTHERS.

Active Relationships 
for Young Adults (12-24 session program called “ARYA”) for youth ages 13+ and up

SPANISH and CHRISTIAN editions also available.  Participants who complete the institute may become eligible to lead Christian and Spanish editions of the programs if applicable.

In addition, if you complete this three-day intensive training, you can add certification for Active Money Personalities by studying the training-DVD’s that will be provided to you upon request at no additional charge.


Kelly Simpson has developed the curricula from first-hand experience leading marriage education courses since 1997 in military and in federally funded diverse cultural settings, faith-based, detention, and shelter sites with singles and couples. “Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills” was developed especially for the military community and is currently used by the armed forces including Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard, and Reserves.


This training 1) equips & immediately certifies you to teach Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills (complete Leader’s Guide, DVD’s and all teaching aids provided, including one secular or upon request, one Christian Participant book; 2) also immediately certifies you to lead five additional civilian programs (your choice of one Leader’s Guide, DVD’s and all teaching aids is available at no additional charge); 3) provides you the ability to certify in Active Money DVD-based program at no additional charge; 3) provides you additional certification for programs (as applicable) in Spanish or Christian populations; and 4) completes the first step to become a trainer of trainers- an Active Relationships Trainer, training other professional in your region.

The institute will include critical theories, teachings and techniques including: transition, relocation, reintegration and resilience skills for military families, avoiding faulty assumptions, anger management, clear communication, conflict-resolution,
 avoiding money power struggles, biology of love and romance, managing different level of desire
, and traditions for lasting connections. We will cover elements of 
the six programs for the following populations: Military and Civilian, Singles, Couples, Families, Fathers, [Mothers] and Youth. 

(1) Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills program elements specifically for military members and their families is a program containing 24 modules in the Leader Guide that can be selected to create the specific mix of subject matter to teach SINGLES, Couples and Spouse groups, before, during and/or after Deployment!;

(2) Active Families specifically for family units whatever shape or size, is a program that teaches communication skills through fun and games and learning activities.

 (3) Active Adults
 has been used successfully in Spanish and in English for FATHERS, MOTHERS and in the following settings: Head Start Programs, Agencies for Enhancing father’s relationships with their children, Detention Centers, Prisons and Agencies for Homeless Persons.

(4) Active Choices (8-hour) is a program for singles or dating or engaged couples to build skills before getting married;

(5) Active Marriage and Best Practices (8-hour) is a program for married or committed couples to strengthen connections and; 

(6) Active Relationships for Young Adults (ARYA) for high school youth to gain knowledge and skills to last a lifetime at school, work or in dating relationships and to prepare them to make wise choices.

Tools and lectures include:

“How to’s” of lectures, experiential activities, Power Points and DVD’s for each program.

Agendas for use to plan classes for specific audiences: Singles, Marrieds, Spouses, Pre, during or Post-Deployment, Fathers, Parents, Youth.

How to use the comprehensive leader’s guide to mix and match subject matter to fit client needs.

How to blend lectures with warm-up activities and deliver fun and interactive classroom activities.

Topics and skills covered:
Communication styles of families, timing of great conversations, traditions for lasting connections, successful management of emotional upsets, predictors of relationship satisfaction, martial readiness, deployment readiness, resilience, transition, relocation and reintegration skills, recognition of destructive behaviors, skills for happiness, differences between anger and abuse, anger management, the importance of compassion and forgiveness, conflict resolution, symptoms of posttraumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, financial roles and responsibilities, healing emotional wounds of infidelity, biology of love and romance, wise choices for partners. 

What you will receive:

Military Life and Resiliency Skills (AMLRS): You will receive a comprehensive 448 page Leader Guide, with 24 mix and match modules, including agendas for specific audiences. You will also receive training DVD’s, a Conflict Resolution DVD, a PowerPoint and Alternate Handouts CD. In addition, you will receive one Participant Book. You may request and receive a Christian Participant Book at no additional charge.

You will also receive: One Complete Training Kit from one of any of the five other programs in which you will be certified. Your additional kit will include: A Leader Guide, Training DVD’s, Conflict Resolution DVD, a PowerPoint CD and a Participant book. You may request and receive a Christian or Spanish participant book to accompany that program at no additional charge.

Total value of institute materials approximates $1,000. ARC offers this comprehensive package of materials at no other conference except Smart Marriages.

About Kelly Simpson:

Kelly Simpson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is director of the Active Relationships Center in Dallas, Texas a 2006 federal Healthy Marriage Initiative award recipient. Recent military work has included trainings for the Army, National Guard and Air Force. Ms. Simpson also works as technical consultant for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a national refugee organization assisting refugee agencies in establishing healthy marriage programming and implementation. She is nationally recognized for her work with couples to
 promote marriage education ranging from communication and conflict resolution, to romance. Ms. Simpson is also the founder of the HISPANIC Active Relationships Project that was awarded a healthy marriage grant in 2006 and was recently named as a top grantee for its Promising Practices by James Bell and Associates. A lifetime certified teacher of the deaf, Ms. Simpson has blended the best of the best relationships skills for relationship education for youth. She has authored numerous articles and has been featured in national media including NBC Nightly News, FOX, CBS, Wall Street Journal, Dallas Business Journal, Dallas Morning News, and Psychology Today. A frequent lecturer, Ms. Simpson has been an author and faculty member of the State Bar of Texas Advanced Family Law Seminar. She conducts international professional trainings for mental health professionals, agencies, military personnel, clergy and local community leaders as well as teaching classes for couples, singles, and youth.

About Anthony Landry:

Anthony Landry is a certified Master Trainer for Active Relationships and vice president of ATLM, LLC.  He is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel who served our Nation for 25 years.  During his career he served as an Artilleryman and completed his career as an Operation Research and Systems Analyst.  Anthony and his wife Tami have been counseling and mentoring singles and couples for over 25 years in both the military and civilian sector.   They are actively involved with the “TWOgether in Texas” program teaching couples premarital skills required for a successful marriage.  Additionally, they facilitate premarital workshops for the Diocese of Beaumont in Texas and conduct marriage retreats.  Anthony has partnered with several non-profit agencies in the Houston area to provide services to current members and veterans of the Armed Forces and their families.  Anthony and Tami have been happily married over 31 years and have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren.  His life goal is to be a role model who positively impacts others and leaves our world a better place.

Active Relationships Instructor Certification

Upon completion of the institute, participants will receive IMMEDIATE certification (Level One) for each of the following Active Relationships programs: Active Military Life and Resiliency Skills (to use for single or married troops), Active Families (8-hour program for entire families) -Military or Civilian editions available, Active Adults for singles, Fathers and Mothers, Active Choices (8 hour premarital program), Active Marriage (the 8-hour program) and a youth program for ages 13+ Active Relationships for Young Adults (called ARYA).

*Additional certification in Active Money Personalities will require additional study after the institute. To be certified in the Active Money Personalities program, institute participants must view (in entirety) the program’s training DVD’s, (DVD’s are available upon request for no additional charge). Participants must also complete and submit an assessment (regarding the information contained in the DVD’s) to ARC. After ARC reviews and approves the assessment, certification will be conferred.

Train the Trainer Track (to train other professionals):

Train the Trainer tracks are available for qualified applicants who complete the steps to advance from level one upward toward becoming an Active Relationships Master Trainer. See website ( or call ARC for details regarding becoming a trainer for Active Relationships. 877.724.7789
or email to

Attending with your Spouse:
Spouse discount: $150 off for spouse when taking the institute together and sharing one set of materials. For more information see or call (1-877-724-7789).

Evaluation comments from past attendees at the Smart Marriages Active Relationships Accelerated Training Institutes:

“ARC is an excellent tool with great versatility that belongs in the top tray of your toolbox.”

“The best that I have seen in the manner the program was written and organized.”

“This program is perfect for my needs as a Head Start Parent Involvement Coordinator. I love the way that it is designed and structured. It is easy to follow and use.”

“For the military, the best of all the marriage education programs rolled up in one program.”

 “I didn’t know what/how ‘ACTIVE’ in ‘Active Relationships’ meant, but now I get it. ACTIVE is very ACTIVE and practical.”

Thanks. The modularity makes this invaluable. Very user friendly course.


“This program exceeded my expectations. It’s great and I am excited about putting it into practice. I will definitely recommend this to others in my [military] facility.”

“Very user friendly and written for all couples. The type of program that young, old, rich, poor, black or white can use to better their relationships. Wonderful presentation, best resources of any seminar, presenter’s knowledge excellent. Very enlightening.”

 “Thank you very much for our binders, wisdom and support. The Hispanic community really needs to be helped and it’s going to be a fact thanks to you.

 “Great. It’s good to be trained by the author. Looking for the next opportunity to recommend this training. Very applicable/useful.”

Presentation: “Excellent, energetic presentation” “Am packed with information, group exercises and fun!”

Well done good and faithful servant. This training was most informative and a gift to all to be able to see yourself a little better – a clearer vision of oneself.



“Rating: I give this one a 10 on a 5-point scale!”

 “The best training I have received yet! Presented in a way that makes it so logical and understandable. Participants will be lucky to have seen such work.”

“Thank you for the most comprehensive, non-threatening, helpful program. Active Relationships is more than a program.”
Rating: 5++ out of 5

“This workshop is the best choice for professional counselors, social workers etc, because it combines best practices and also includes very unique sections (e.g. money as a family affair or family education.”

“An inspiration to singles and couples!”

 “If you care about the people you serve, this information is a must have.”

“Professional, relevant, and solid training."


For additional information on Active Relationships programs,
or to view leader materials visit:

This institute is part of the week-long Smart Marriages conference.

This institute is part of the weeklong Smart Marriages conference.


Conference Details: download a conference brochure, Register ONLINE, hotel & travel information & discounts, etc.

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