Stepfamilies face all the usual challenges of marriage and then some!
They need to learn the basic skills taught in the wonderful
new marriage education courses like PAIRS, PREP, Relationship
Enhancement, Family Wellness, Couples Communication  and the many
courses found in the Smart Marriages DIRECTORY of programs....but
they also need special skills for handling the unique challenges of combining
children from different households and negotiating relationships with exes
and extended families.  (See article Divided Loyalties: The Challenge of
Stepfamily Life by Bill Doherty)

At the fifth annual Smart Marriages conference you can train in one
day to become a certified teacher of the premier StepFamily skills
program, Stepping Together and begin teaching
a program for the stepfamilies in your church or community.

Or you  can take  any number of skills-based workshops or seminars
to learn more about how to help stepfamilies or how to make your
own step family successful, and satisfying -- put it in the win column.
For conference registration information, dates, fees, etc.

Love and Parenting in Stepfamilies
James Bray, PhD
Bray's 10-year study identifies the natural stages and
essential developmental tasks of successful stepfamily
formation and presents exercises to ease the way.

The Moral & Spiritual Development of Children of Divorce
Elizabeth Marquardt, MDiv, MA
Traditional ministries assume intact, two-parent families that
can leave children of divorce feeling left out. Learn how churches
can adapt to include and serve this growing population.

Building A Successful Stepfamily: How Churches Can Help
Ron Deal, MMFT
Stepfamilies, our most common family form, are neglected in
most churches. This program is designed to help churches
effectively minister to stepfamilies.

Positive Results in the Stepfamily
Jeannette Lofas, PhD & Barry Miller, PhD
Proven solutions to bring order to the chaos. Deal with daunting
differences between the step and bio family, special partnership needs,
dilemmas of visiting fathers, stepmother role and family rules.

Yours, Mine & Ours: Money in Stepfamilies
Margorie Engel, PhD
Unspoken money misunderstandings & expectations can
create a sticky, tangled, destructive web. Learn how to
help remarried couples create open, honest money
communication & management.

Survival Skills for Healthy Christian Families
Emily Scott Lowe, PhD & Dennis Lowe, PhD
This scripturally-referenced version of the Family
Wellness Program teaches skills to whole families
(kids to grandparents and includes single-parent and stepfamilies)
in retreats and family camps of up to 600 people!

Stepmother Think Tank
Vannesa Henneke, Jean McBride, MS
and Kristin Lee Mead
"Being a stepmother is like setting your hair
on fire and putting it out with a hammer!" You
can definitely feel overworked, unappreciated
and in need of a job description. Learn about support
groups and how to educate and empower yourself and others.

Children of Divorce Unite!
Beverly Rodgers, MS & Tom Rodgers, MA
Research says that children of divorce are less
likely to marry, and when they do, face a higher
divorce rate than those raised in intact families.
Explore what you can do to improve your odds.

Road Skills For You Family's Journey
Rachel, Christopher, Dawne, RN, MA & James Sipe, PhD
Every family hits roadblocks. Learn proven
skills you can use to steer your family toward
greater success and happiness ? and a much
smoother & more enjoyable trip. Kids 8 ? 18
attend free. Stepfamilies & single parents welcome.

Stepfamilies: Playing for Keeps
Jean McBride, MS
Sometimes stepfamily life can feel
like nothing but challenges ? one hurdle
after another. Learn how to turn the
experience into an adventure ? to laugh together ?
and to play as a team. Kids 8 ? 18 attend free

If you can't attend the conference order audiotapes of all sessions for only $10. Sessions are 90
minutes long.  Call 800-241-7785 to order.  Ask for tapes from the 2001 series.

Also , you order these tapes from all past  Smart Marriages conferences.
Here is a listing of the excellent stepfamily series tapes from the 1999 conference.

Stepping Together: A Program  for Stepfamily Couples
Emily Visher, PhD & John Visher, MD
This six-session program normalizes the stress and dilemmas common to all stepfamilies and presents guidelines for use in a variety of

Parents with New Partners
Emily Visher, PhD & John Visher, MD
Parenting after remarriage is different and being a stepparent can feel very strange.  Learn guidelines to resolve the initial confusion and
to learn to "step together."

Recoupled or Remarried With Children
Jennette Lofas, PhD & Barry Miller, PhD, Stepfamily Foundation, Inc.
Learn ten steps to help you ease the predictable challenges that come with blending kids, households, expectations, budgets, discipline,
exes, rules, and lives!

Family 2000: How to Make Them Work
Jennette Lofas, PhD & Barry Miller, PhD
Single mothers, visiting dads, exes, dating, remarriage, two careers, guilt, conflicting loyalties, unrealistic expectations!  Learn ten sure steps
to help them to success.

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